Welcome the new year away from home! The summer is now over, as the year moves in giant steps again, however, the end. Unfortunately it’s the same phenomenon, every year again that when the days are getting shorter, also time goes faster and faster. In any case, it is never too early to book a trip. And even if Eve is still a while back, so avoidable vacationers should take better now to a suitable destination, before the best deals are out of print. A new year’s Eve trip is always something special and makes a nice change to the all years recurring procedure that at dinner for one begins and ends shortly after midnight in the Alkohlrausch and tinnitus, to loud in the subsequent popping, there.

It will remain even more good memories than that experienced at home and probably forgotten after half a year. But where to go? At this time, the offer is still large and lush. They rather avoid travel overseas, but they confined to a 3-4 day getaway, for example in a European city. Celebrate the new year in the heart of the German capital an absolute insider tip and Germany’s capital Berlin is to also still very affordable. Here, you can experience the biggest new year’s Eve celebration of in Europe at the Brandenburg Gate and at the same time celebrate with over 1 million people. Highlights of the evening include musical live – Act, as well as a huge, almost half hour celebration, which increase the breath the Viewer makes.

For the right night owls it continues afterwards at Berlin’s club scene, where you can celebrate the new year just started. Celebrate Germany’s favorite holiday island, or how about a wet happy new year’s Eve dinner on the German favourite holiday island of Majorca. Here, they have even Sylvester mostly around the pleasant 15 degrees. From 18: 00 on the eve of the whole Ballermann to a single party mile turns and in every pub, they encounter other prominent Germans. The new year is also traditionally celebrated with a huge Fireworks and the old he dignified Cathedral illuminated by Palma in the Rocket glow as bright as day. How about a visit to the Queen? A further alternative is a new year’s Eve trip to England’s capital city of London. The English are known for their talent to celebrate now anyway and happy to welcome any visitor. A new year’s Eve party takes place in any bar or pub, until finally the new year on the banks of the Thames, at the foot of Big Ben is sprinkled.