Family History

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It is intended, in this assay, to argue the woman and its cunnings from the romance, a family history. Published in 1992, ' ' A history of famlia' ' , it presents to the readers the thematic ones of the death, madness, the shame and the guilt envoltas in a sentimental environment. Its main personage is a sick person who tells to its familiar history by means of its memory of infancy and discoveries concerning the past of the uncle Mrio, already deceased, that she was weak mental, in an imaginary colloquy. Using itself of involving texts that attract our attention on the mystery of the death of ' ' insane person of famlia' ' , Silviano Santiago brings critical to the traditional, repletos values of preconceptions, a family of the interior of Minas Gerais. As we can evidence, the author uses a clear and concise language to emphasize the desire of the relatives of uncle Mrio in seeing it deceased, but at the same time where they ask for its death, they feel shame and guilt therefore, frequently: All want its death already, for of certain the holy ghost? it stops its well in its place, They had decided here in the land, determined is up there. To the will ours of the men it reigns, arrived the hour.

Decision made in I silence Tacitus and connivent, Are they? the next and the ones that love more you? that they decide on its destination (SANTIAGO, 1992, p.7). Subentendemos, from the romance, that the paper of the women and its relations with the men denotes a question of being able, typical of century XXI when it starts if to argue the relationship between the sexos and blows up the movement feminist for the world, demanding right that until then they were denied the women. Therefore she is necessary if to attempt against for the o foucautiano concept of being able.