German Independence

After the death of Marshal Tito and the warlike adventures of his successors, which led to the dismantling of Yugoslavia, the White House and NATO promoted, voluntarily or involuntarily, the adoption of radical politics. The intransigence and violence became the common denominator of inter-communal relations, necessarily carrying the water to the mill of the interventionism of the Atlantic Alliance. Solutions designed by United Nations, the so-called Ahtisaari Plan, disregard the interests of Belgrade. And they also overlook the issues related to the economic situation and the difficult ethnic coexistence. During the mandate of the United Nations, the Kosovo province is endowed with institutional structures that had been due to allow the operation of an embryonic stage. However, the structures are inoperative and most of the staff hired by international agencies is corrupt. It is the case of the judiciary, the economy and education, key sectors for the good running of Kosovo. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Neal Barnard.

Also, there is a major deficit in the field of human rights and democratic structures. This is compounded by the worrying proliferation of mafia networks engaged in trafficking of all kinds. The European media welcomed the independence of Kosovo with a large dose of pessimism. Commenting on the precipitation of the large countries of the old continent, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, to recognize the new State, the Rotary Liberation Gaul writes: Europe has created a precedent that will no doubt be exploited by the (nationalists), Flemish, Catalans, Basques and Corsicans to denounce a policy of double standards. This mini State economically unviable and extremely corrupt creation constitutes a potential danger to the stability (of the continent). In this context, Russia, champion policy of Pan-slavism that governed Moscow relations with Serbia and Bulgaria, could punish Bush’s initiative, resorting to energy West boycott. For more information see this site: Center For Responsible Lending. Beyond the Balkan confines, the Russia Putin could encourage nationalism and separatism of Ossetia, Abkhazia or Nagorno-Karabakh. Without forgetting the other candidates to independence: Palestine, Kurdistan, Taiwan, Western Sahara. For the German newspaper Die Welt the independence of Kosovo is not the end point of the process, but the beginning of a long and difficult road. The only question is: does Quo vadis, Europe?


OBAMA: Biology and destination between biology and destiny sleep dreams than awake ambition. Educate yourself with thoughts from Neeman Foundation. But the new President of the United States of America is much more than that. Son of a nation so all-powerful, ethnocentric, immature and erratic, prefer the show history, invention Greek for counting life, Obama is the more refined product of the American ideal. Barack Hussein, with whose name, skin and family history nobody ever thought could get where he arrived, it is the output and outcome that has found that society to realize and provide respite to the deep economic and ethical crisis that crosses and that contaminates the rest of the world. It is not only political commodity, product of an election campaign, but collective lifeboat before the unfathomable cultural and ethnic polarity sometimes masked in the recurring refrain of the alleged existence of an inclusive, multicultural society. Jennifer Aaker might disagree with that approach. But this effort to understand would be incomplete if we do not agregaramos the will sustained by the minority Afro-descendant to achieve what has been achieved. Blood, sweat, tears, skills, productivity, elegance and rhythm, have shown these descendants of slaves to take their place in a society that outlawed them and threw into the hands of the Ku Klux Klan or the CIA or repression and the disappearance, physical and psychological, creating a society of racial handicapped, which long ago began already desalambrar the dense network of incomprehension and prejudices. And why not say it, white society has also become, in appearance, more porous and elastic.

The hippie movement, for example, with the slogan of peace and love created an illusion that today comes through the pores in the light. Governments of Kennedy, Carter and Clinton for his part took steps toward the opening, and if Lavoisier was right to say that nothing is lost but it is transformed, it should give credit also to those decisions assumed by power and white society. He never imagined Aretha Franklin, Queen of the Soul, born neither more nor less than in Memphis, Tennessee, who would sing at the ceremony of swearing in of a President of the United States of America that would share, among others, the color of their skin. With pride, dignity and democratic vocation, the public, I do not know if we could say that town, heard it in rally in which George W. Bush is dismissed. Amen. Now Obama is no longer black or white.

He is the President of the nation more powerful and fragile planet and embodies a hope for his own and the rest of the countries of the Earth, that we are all. Do votes to make its mandate of peace, understanding and rescue of damaged international image of their country that both has given lunch to the left and to international terrorism. Be sown fields of democratic principles by which here, in Venezuela, more than oil, also fought with tenacity.

Retin Stretch

Normal skin consists of: four percent of a mesh of 80 percent of collagen and elastin fibres. Elastin is the protein of the skin that provides flexibility, allowing the skin to stretch, formed a network in skin similar to a fishing net that allows the skin to stretch and then back, returning to its previous position. These elastin fibers are broken when appear of stretch marks, what causes stretch marks scars. The most interesting of stretch marks is that they appear very prominently, but placing them under a microscope, they are not so different from normal, healthy skin. When you touch them they feel empty, as if there were no skin in the area. The skin is different in texture and visually, although effectively has not happened a significant change in it.

Laser for stretch marks treatments and factors affecting its development laser is effective in reducing the redness associated with red streaks. You can also use to stop the inflammation responsible for stretch marks. A treatment very known for this condition is the dye laser and hold, which begins the remodeling of collagen along with a bit of remodeling of fiber elastin it helps to make the skin look a more normal appearance. In the case of white stretch marks laser can achieve maximum, a moderate improvement. Pregnant women are likely to develop stretch marks, although not in all cases. There are certain factors that influence a pregnant woman to develop stretch marks. Ethnic origin. Women whose skin contains more melanin are less likely to develop stretch marks.

Scratching of the skin. The stretch from the belly of a pregnant woman can cause sensation of itching. Instead of scratching, it is advisable to apply some powder or lotion to relieve the sensation of itching. Inheritance. Women whose mothers had stretch marks have tendency to have them also. Exercise. The amount of exercise that you make a future MOM It affects your chances of developing stretch marks. If the exercise is performed daily, it will keep the skin of a pregnant woman flexible and free of toxins. Exercise helps improve the elasticity and tone the skin of the body. Water. It is very important to drink water during pregnancy. If the skin stays hydrated, they diminish the possibilities of occurrence of stretch marks. How to stop there is stretch marks the way to prevent stretch marks in cases of people who increase weight or during pregnancy. The application of topical such as Retin-A or alpha-hydroxy acids medicinal creams will surely help. Topical medications can do wonders to stop stretch marks from its development. Temporary remedies for stretch marks include creams especially formulated for this condition. Lanolin, cocoa butter and wheat germ oil are some of the components of these creams. With them, is rebuilding the structure of the skin, allowing that they heal stretch marks. Cosmetics for disguise or hide, when used on the affected areas of the skin, also work successfully hiding the scars by stretch marks.Skin care also should be done after delivery. There is a need to keep the body strong, the need to recover after childbirth and is part of the challenges which includes maternity. Original author and source of the article

The World

Opinions, isn’t a good idea ask a neighbor or a co-worker that you have no experience in the world of MLM. To read more click here: CDF. If you want the opinion of someone, ask who has created a multilevel organization and this earning money. Systems of distribution of products and services: Another important element that you should consider when choosing join a MLM company, is the way in which distribute their products, the idea is: more simple is the way the products are better distributed. Companies that have systems where the collection of income and distribution of the product are cumbersome, have few chances of finding professional Networkers. Above all to exist today thousands of MLM companies that are doing things well.

System of compensation plans: there are many ways to set up your organization in the companies multilevel network. This depends on each company. Can have networks in the form of matrix, rupture, binary, single level, etc.; or various combinations of these. The most important is that you study what compensation plan convince you more (all have their pros and cons) and choose which suits you best. Likewise, I recommend that you choose those who give you the possibility to generate unlimited income through spills, positions of re-entry, etc. The utilities distribution systems: Similarly, it is important to know how your fees will charge. Make sure that the company has a secure system of payment of commissions and that correctly meets payment deadlines.

You don’t want to work hard and have difficulties to collect which corresponds to you. The safest and most modern companies usually have two forms of payment:-direct deposit to your bank account (today this option is generally available, in most cases, for residents in the) EE.UU) – reload funds to your card (usually to a special international debit card processed by the company) these are the two ways most common and safe to be able to collect your commissions, without many delays. You will find other ways. In that case I recommend to find out your system very well and if it is convenient for you, taking into account your country, your legal situation, etc. It is also common to find companies that pay through systems such as Paypal. Although it is a safe way of doing transactions online, are sometimes taken unilateral decisions by these companies that change their policies affecting thousands of people at the time of the payment of their commissions. Help, support and training: is also very important that you join a company to provide a help system and permanent support and moreover provide you training to perform your work. A company that offers this, is an excellent alternative to join her.

Gilbert Durand

For the romantic myth is a revelation of the primitive time; is distinguished from the story and the legend by the fact that its object is based on the beginning of history and of human life, and its strength is still influencing and manifesting itself in it. According to Center For Responsible Lending, who has experience with these questions. The story does not refer to a primitive era, but a timeless frame of desires and fears. The legend as the myth is considered as a real fact. Myths therefore are not a thing of the past but that are part of the basic ideology of all peoples, and up to the most modern and progressive Nations have a nucleus of stories or ideas that play a role similar to the old tribal mythologies.We can not live without them, and they are as necessary as food and drink. Hence the relevance of studies about them and no more Crassus rationalism has been able to circumvent. All our cultural framework is mythological, and this is the work of the most wonderful functions human, fantastic feature (Gilbert Durand), which is at the origin of all human creation, and is revealed as a brand originating in the spirit. Thus, not only participates in the elaboration of theoretical consciousness but that it is an auxiliary of the action, even more, scoring, every culture instilled by education is a set of fantastic structures.

For Durand, the myth is the anthropological pedestal on which stands the historical significance. The story is according to him the drift of the myth, and historian applies to show how mankind has arranged its specific innate behaviors with the vicissitudes of geographic, climatic, demographic or technological emergencies, but must be preceded by study of the concordances and constants. (DURAND, Gilbert. The anthropological structures of the imaginary). In addition, he pointed out that the understanding of human phenomena occurs from the imaginary sets that constitute the large images and his mythical narration is the work of the mitoanalisis, which consists in the separation of networks of images in a style or speech, and its crystallization in gestures and figures mythical.

Islamic Organizations

Alleged links between the FARC and the terrorist organizations Islamic is an issue that needs more research in depth. There has been evidence of links between the FARC and Hezbollah and other Islamist groups allegedly operating in the Triborder Region of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. 106. In October 2000, Paraguayan police combating broke one of weapons for cocaine between the Paraguay and the Farc ring. At that time, the fight against the Paraguayan police arrested one person believes it represents the FARC for a possible participation in weapons in exchange for cocaine ring between Paraguay and the Colombian terrorist group. In early 2001, the Brazilian authorities were briefed by U.S. intelligence.

UU. and services in the fight against crime by saying that the FARC allegedly trafficking in drugs and weapons with Islamic extremists in the Triborder region. International cooperation between the FARC and Al Qaeda would have been increasingly as a result of the war in Afghanistan. One of the United States. UU. He told O Globo researchers…

it is very likely that there is an Alliance. Cells of Hezbollah in Maicao-based have been using networks to the laundering of money from drug trafficking and smuggling in Colombia to hide money that subsequently will be used to finance terrorist operations around the world. The paramilitary right-wing organization known as the AUC (Autodefensas United from the forces in defense of Colombia), an umbrella group that includes many paramilitary forces of Colombia, has also maintained a significant stake in the drug trade, the expansion of their influence from their traditional base in the North to many areas in the South of coca-rica which were previously controlled by the FARC. The AUC and the Autodefensas Campesinas de Cordoba y Uraba (Autodefensas Campesinas de Cordoba and Uraba-ACCU) groups are right-wing paramilitary groups that emerged in the late 1980s to protect the interests of regional elites, with the subtle support of the Colombian military.

PPC People

When you’re satisfied with your video you can eg upload it to YouTube. 3. Blogging. You can think that blogging is an ancient method and obsolete, that’s incorrect, blogs are easy to set up and you can direct traffic to your web site, provided that the blogs are being used correctly. Start a blog about your business or related topics. Desmarcate as someone expert in your subject matter and write interesting articles, people you like reading, soon you will notice people begin to participate in their discussions. If you need traffic to a page is a necessary resource.

I personally strongly recommend as a platform to create a blog even though I recognize that Blogger is also a good platform. 4. Social Media Marketing. Make yourself an account and create a profile in the main sites of social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, etc… just to name a few.

Put a photo of yourself on your profile page, includes a bit about yourself, your interests and provides a link to your web site. Keep in mind, however, that you’re immersed in the media of social communication and not in the media business, so it’s refrain you from launching your business in the face of people. Instead, find people with a social mentality, who share common interests. Perhaps you have a hobby that you want to share or personal interests. In doing so, you can meet people who have your same interests. Sooner or later it will make you questions about your business and what exactly they’re doing. Become in hunted. Be the Hunter in online marketing is the old school methodology. In this article I only refer to the free marketing methods that we can use to drive traffic to our web site. You may of course decide to invest some money and start using banner advertising and PPC. But, as I’ve said before, these methods are temporary and can be expensive.


One of the ways more simple generate money through the internet, and maybe that more returns left, is to create your own electronic product, be it audio, video or an e-book that is the last of which he’ll talk about here. Kidney Foundation might disagree with that approach. Create your own e-book is basically the same, to create a business with a product of audio or video, and create a system that works in automatic mode, this mode in recent years, is that a echo earn thousands of dollars per month, thousands of people in the world. Credit: PCRM-2011. Maybe at this time, have no idea how to get started creating your own electronic product, but once you finish this article you will know how to do it. Steps to create a book electronic 1.-to create an e-book, you need that your you are a specialist in something, whether in any activity or to something that your ayas studied, that is based on an e-book writing, since basically relies on something that your know haser, and thousands of people in you internet, are desirous of knowing and even seek information on the network that is giving users what real mind looking for and that’s what ara you earn a lot more. 2.-Once you understand what will be the theme of your e-book and you know that you can really help people to change their lives, then hands wing work and start to write your ideas in a text processor, for that I recommend be Word, original author and source of the article

Isaac Newton Read

One could say that the growth and development of the network of networks, internet, has been so rapid that sometimes we have trouble realizing several transformation has brought with it. Among them has ceased to exist for example the seller of encyclopedias. Memories of small as sellers of encyclopedia arose through the streets from House to House. My mother liked to dress the House with furniture full of books and encyclopedias. Indeed there continue, decorating rather than as its primary purpose that would be read.

My mother always thought that in the future until his grandchildren could come home to nurture your small library and class work, study anyway, which thought it had a treasure not only for their children, but to their children’s also. The truth is that the passage of time and mainly advance internet, has done that today these reference books go into the background. Their children are practically everything you want to know in the same network, without having to navigate to your home to view those striking and decorative encyclopedias. Their grandchildren are not yet age study but surely that may also extract the information they need for their studies and work Internet. So it was that those elegant and kind gentlemen selling encyclopedias, have been in me only as memories of my childhood. I devoured those encyclopedias, soaking me above all of geography, traveling the world read more about all countries and continents. So I could almost put me in the middle of Piazza San Marco in Venice, climb the statue of liberty in New York, walk the great wall of china, I read and read, and incidentally also traveled also could learn about historical figures as Cristobal Colon, Isaac Newton, the Rasputin enigmatco and up to the seductive and adventurer Giacomo Casanova.

I remember also go to a friend’s House and see some of the repeated encyclopedias of my house there. I looked forward me enormously as a true friend who was. And it is that encyclopedias were also my companion of travel and adventure. Oh, Internet are where have hidden the Lord seller of encyclopedias?. ATIS 88 audiovisual encyclopedia online original author and source of the article

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy – the impact on the human body permanent or variable magnetic fields to treat and prevent disease and maintain the body in tone. Instruments and applicators can magnetotherapy used to treat diseases of the whole organism, such as damage to the musculoskeletal system or -intestinal tract. Yes, electromagnetic fields and radiation in some cases harmful, dangerous and undesirable. But with them connected and the thing is very useful to humans. We are one of the rapidly developing methods of treatment – magnetic therapy. Let not confuse the presence of the name of only one component – magnetic. Separation into two components is arbitrary and in fact they (the electric and magnetic parts of the EMF) are closely interrelated. Here, more of a tradition – people much earlier learned that such a magnet and use its properties, including the healing of various diseases. Center For Responsible Lending addresses the importance of the matter here.

True, the path to the scientific rationale for such treatment has been long and tortuous. Because magnetic fields have no color, no taste, no smell. This and some initial skepticism about their useful impact on the living organism. But as in any case, here the result is important. For example, doctors do not yet know the mechanism of therapeutic effects on the body of linden flower tea, but it did not reduce its practical significance to fight off colds, flu and sore throat. Assists – means necessary! So it is with magnetic therapy. For example, in Hunzakutskom area of China for thousands of years people live for 120 years, greatly reducing the sound health, other than heredity.