Jurgen Drews Bernhard Brink

The CD album ‘remember me’ by Josef Hassing appears in June “You’ve accomplished a miracle” with this hit Josef Hassing has healthy without detours right in the heart of a large fan base. No wonder it’s therefore, that finally even a full album followed by several successful singles and television appearances: his first long-player “never forget me” and the new single “on my pillow” in German record stores and the popular download portals are available now. The likeable young entertainer is already not a blank slate just 32 years of age. Of trained educators gathered not only in his native Munsterland, but also far beyond his “apprenticeship”. He was allowed to create atmosphere in the Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, across Germany and Mallorca. His recent singles landed on some 70 hits compilations. No matter whether it occurs at festivals or on television, everywhere he provides as a singer and presenter not only by the audience enthusiasm also famous colleagues are immediately impressed by the expressiveness of his voice, his sparkling charm and its naturalness.

Whether Jurgen Drews Bernhard Brink, Ireen sheer, Roland Kaiser and Bernd Cluver: all took the young star from Ahaus to acclaimed guest appearances on the stage, so he transformed the Hall into the party zone in just a few minutes. And it will be everywhere, where his new album is applied. So that will be the case, Josef Hassing and his team have no chance to chance: with such successful composers and lyricists such as Tobias Reitz and the team of HIT MIX-music, Erich oxler and Stefan Possnicker, the album has also produced, Josef Hassing gathered a team to hit safe, like never before. Eleven songs, which will be an asset to any pop party, emerged are modern and dance bar, full of joy and good mood. Josef Hassing considered the topic is number one from all angles, whether the search for love (“on my pillow”), the farewell of a love (forget” (“me never”) or the demand for true love, when Josef stresses in “All or nothing”: “My heart is no plaything, no expected”. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger often says this.

Because boredom comes in second to none, the disc invites 45 minutes long without break to dance. Not missing may of course also his last singles in addition to the title song: “You’ve accomplished a miracle”, but also the final “hit mix” and a rousing revival of Roland Kaiser “to love you”. Here, the young entertainer shows that he absolutely can match the big old master. In short: Tunes to the addicted, texts to the feeling after a production, which probably will sweep away anyone, which is based on new German Schlager. (Text: Klaus colorful) The CD-album “forget me never” by Josef Hassing will be released on June 10th 2011.

Balloon Ride Hamburg:

The Hanseatic City of Hamburg once meet in the context of a balloon out of the air. One of the most important and most fascinating metropolises is the Federal Republic of Germany, the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and if you don’t know Hamburg, the absolutely one should visit the city on the Elbe River. In Hamburg are very much to see and to experience and, for example, an evening on the Reeperbahn is still a unique in this day and age and for most tourists is also a great experience. There is also a possibility to meet Hamburg quite differently than most tourists do, namely in the framework of a great balloon ride. Checking article sources yields Jennifer Aaker as a relevant resource throughout. Here, explore the once Hamburg along with the beautiful experience of the balloon procedure as such, from a completely different perspective. You can book ballooning in Hamburg easily over the Internet. You can find information, for example on the website: “Balloon Hamburg” or for those who like a little faster fly across the Internet: “Flight Hamburg”. Both balloon rides over Hamburg, as also flights over Hamburg are indeed not so expensive, how do think like that but also an average earner can afford a such experience without any problems.

What you but still do not know when booking a balloon flight over Hamburg, is what it really going to see Hamburg out of the air at the later balloon ride. Just the wind, decides what makes the experience of balloon driving even more interesting, than it already is. You can prior to the balloon finally do not know if the wind allows: to see if necessary the trendy “St. Pauli” including the Reeperbahn once from the air looking at to be able to be able to see the beautiful Alster Lake landscape from above or maybe even some of Hamburg sights, such as the Michel or the kohlbrand bridge, to be able to take from a great height in the sights the great port of Hamburg from the bird perspective. Ultimately, it is but not so important what course Hamburg allows the wind, the city has so many interesting corners, a balloon flight over Hamburg will be always a great experience. Gunter Dehne E-mail: gdehne(at)web.de

Russian Federation

How to move personal belongings in case of moving to the residence in the Czech Republic. If you have a residence permit (temporary residence permit) or a permanent residence (domicile) in the Czech Republic, the options for transportation of personal belongings when moving to new residence of all three. Will try to disclose all conditions and requirements of these variantov.Variant 1. Transportation of household goods to the Czech Republic through the cargo container railway container station. We describe the pros and cons: Pros: container is guaranteed to reach the station of the destination country, at certain station timeframe. container (from the station to send) will bring to your home and help you load things, unless of course pre- These services oplachenyMinusy: not all container station cities of Russia and the cis are working on sending containers to the Czech Republic (in another country) the safety and integrity of things is not guaranteed, mandatory inspection of personal belongings customs officer at the station of departure will be provided with a shipping container of no less than 20 tons, the cost of transporting cargo in twenty-ton container (from the station from Moscow to the Russian Federation to the Russian border) will be 4.000 euros, regardless of volume, type, quantity, value and quality loaded personal belongings, the sum of 4000 euros is not included in the transport rate of passage of the container for the Russian border and additional services in the delivery and unloading of personal items, the cost of fare from the Russian border to the destination station (foreign country) you pay additionally upon receipt of its container, the amount depends on the state of tariffs and value-added services station recipient to present their claims to the quality of delivery of cargo will be no one, since the container may take a few states, this implies that the best way to insure the goods in one of the insurance companies.

New Back School

Unique in reiskirchen ‘ a healthy back with Galileo now also the health centre in motion reiskirchen the prevention concept of ‘A healthy back with Galileo ‘ uses. The coaches are excited about this kind of training: “a healthy back, a healthy weight based on the pillars of a healthy heart, our concept. The prevention concept a healthy back with Galileo seamlessly in our offer. Some of our customers are passionate golfers and extremely hard by new training methods to convince. However, through the training with the Galileo – vibration device improved the safety, mobility and muscle strength at all, to improve all important factors to the handicap.” New back school – “A healthy back with Galileo ” is developed in cooperation with health insurance companies, and is accompanied by the University of Duisburg/Essen scientifically. Up to 100% assured the price get statutory sickness funds according to 20 ABS. To know more about this subject visit Center for Responsible Business. 1 SGB V of the Health insurance companies will reimburse. For even more analysis, hear from CBC, Australia. The Galileo vibration platform is the standard for use in the field of medicine and the best scientifically examined training system.

It offers the optimum combination of wellness, fitness and health. With the Galileo vibration platform customers can perform balance training, muscle relaxation and muscle building, Beckenbodentrainig and especially the prevention of osteoporosis. Also, the training promotes the blood circulation in the legs and the feet. For me do”course for all generations not only ensures a healthy back, but encourages social contact among participants and is just plain fun! All of our participants are excited after a very short time! The goal of the health centre in motion reiskirchen is among other things the health in advanced age. This we develop solutions which animate and regular exercise help to resolve health problems or do not arise.

Through targeted movement requirements should increase elderly mobility, independence and thus the quality of life and well-being. The ‘for me do’ concept is an optimal solution for our customers.” In motion GmbH & co.

A Very Sad Chapter Of Humanity

One of the subjects slope for humans is still the treatment we give to animals, since we follow de-humanize as merchandise. This can be observed in experiments with animals, where the animal is alive and with full awareness. In this practice in many cases the reality exceeds fiction and imagination. In a country like Germany, last year more than two and a half million experiments were made while really they have no raison d ‘ etre, because its results can not be moved to humans in a reliable manner. PCRM may not feel the same. However scientists receive Nobel prizes by experiments in which living beings have died under torture.

On the other hand the figure of animal victims for human consumption last year was approximately 45 billion dead: cattle, pigs, sheep, geese, rabbits, hens all they killed in a way cruel and full of torture; This figure represents 7.5 times the total population of humans on Earth. This also should add hunted animals. Animals they feel similarly to us pain, fear and joy, what suffering every day unconsciously is generated on Earth, darkens our destiny at an alarming rate, since everything is energy and no energy is lost. If the human being is not in terms of keeping the peace with those innocent creatures, how you then achieve peace with their peers? Life Universal original author and source of the article.

Coca Dollars

Gather together once a quarter and continue to discuss your earliest date of care on holiday. Having determined for himself that date, write and record a plan under which you intend to retire early. Attach it in a conspicuous place to see every day. Along the way, learning more and more, make adjustments in your plan. Start building a business. Gain insight and clarity with Alona Tal. Make a million dollars out of nothing brainstorm "study together with a loved one or friends of all sorts of options on how to take an idea and turn it into millions of dollars without any or with very little money.

It is not in the business, but mind the entrepreneur who is behind it. A classic example – the story McDonald's, and a man named Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc took the little tent, where the brothers were selling hamburgers, and turned it into a very, very, very big business worldwide, it all started with an idea. Today the plant Coca-Cola, together with all equipment and other assets worth approximately eight billion dollars, while the brand is worth 80 billion. Start creating leverage John D. Rockefeller and Bill Gates, have created a network. The richest people in the world looking for the network and create them, all others looking for work. Council.

Want a question on 1000 000 $, then zapishitn answer sheet. How can I do what I do, to a greater number of people working less and at a higher price? I hope now you understand why Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, his salary is about 500 thousand dollars a year, there are many employees in the business world, whose salary is significantly higher than that of Bill Gates, and yet less than Gates – the richest man in the world. At one time he found the answer to this question. "Leverage – is power. They are within each of us, they are everywhere around us, and we will invent them. With every new invention, such as automobile, airplane, telephone, television or the Internet, and there is a new lever. With the advent of each new type of lever born new millionaires and billionaires because they use it for good. "Robert

Standing Trail

The hearing was for the interrogation of a woman supposedly incapable to personally exert the acts of the civil life. The objective age to know if the person she said thing with thing. The questions how much its identification had been answered with correction. To follow some more difficult questions for an incapable person. – Which the name of the president? – Fernando Enrique. – Who is the governor of the State? – Z Incio. – Knows who is the mayor? It is the Edinho. (As opposed to Ronald Hamilton).

Very well. The judge catches notes of fifty, twenty and ten Reals and shows for interditanda. It knows to say perfectly. The magistrate turns for the Dr. Geraldo, attorney general, and speaks that young one was normal and could not be interdicted. Dr.

Geraldo asks for to make plus a question. – Someone. PCRM spoke with conviction. If I to give this note to you of ten Reals, what you would buy with it? – I would make the purchase of the supermarket; he would buy new shoes; one has perfumed and a lipstick. The dumb judge of idea and already starts to find that the interdiction was necessary, therefore the woman was articulated, however, it did not have as to manage its good. It was the case to nominate a custodian. The Dr. Geraldo interviu and spoke to the magistrate: Doctor, this woman cannot be interdicted. Who has that to be interdicted she is its woman and mine. If to give a thousand Reals they could not buy half of what this young woman would buy with ten Reals.

Earn Money

Only 5% of Las people that read this article go A take advantage to your reading (the other Van in losing the time) and that’s why precisely, the great importance of printing this document to read quietly in the room of your House, while sipping your favourite drink. If the print, take note of the important points and try to put it into practice. Then your reading will be worth it. (And you’ll be one step closer to become a true Super Affiliate Internet business) what is the marketing of affiliate? Within the internet; in the Hispanic world, there are many terms businesses on the Internet that are still not very well known by most people. One of those terms is: – the marketing affiliate – marketing of affiliate is really one of the most simple and fast ways to make money through the Internet. There is the importance of understanding the definition well before starting with affiliate marketing. The simplest definition I can give you about affiliate marketing is: your; as a * affiliated *, do you recommend a product that is selling on the Internet and through a special performance – you are given * commissions * when your recommended buys the product that you just read, is much easier than you think. Since you only must recommend the product and when people purchase; without the necessity that your’re present, you receive a Commission that is a percentage of the sale. The advantage of affiliate marketing with the internet everything is faster, other advantages are: No need to create a product to sell you can start pretty fast and with little money the business easier to make in Internet you can make money even while you sleep or rest this last can make money even while you sleep or rest has had lately a connotation enough controversy, but what it really means is that you don’t have that be present so the person buy the product.

Flower Prints And Layers

The flowers have always been an inspiration for men, since these beautiful creations of nature have a great beauty, that make them full of beautiful natural elements that simply can not help admiring, and the beautiful colors that can inspire and express various feelings such as love with a rose, purity with any flower petals are white, among many other feelings, also have a natural fragrance that captivates with its delicate aromas, in fact the beauty of the flowers is something magical can easily wrap whom he admires these beautiful creations of nature, so people trying to create something that was the beauty of the flowers, which likewise had the meaning of flowers, he devised a form of art that can be very nice and are the sheets of flowers, which are a beautiful work of art that has the representation of beautiful flowers that may be accompanied by landscapes, the blades can also be the representation of flowers of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, among many other beautiful ways that can translate into the layers of flowers. The sheets of flowers can be made in different materials, whether the creation of the layers is made on canvas, acrylic, aluminum, high-quality paper, among others, but they are mentioned that are the most appropriate and best performing in the implementation of the layers of flowers on the performance of the blades can be done manually or by means of printing.

For the realization of the layers of flowers on canvas, which is a plain weave made of thick canvas, the canvas must be stretched in a wooden frame and then goes to apply a primer coat after it is passed to the use of dissolved in oil paints drying, so the plates with paintings of flowers are a clear example of oil painting, another way to make beautiful flowers and ornamental plates is using the aluminum, which is a kind of plastic, which after passing through processes polymerization up to a liquid state is poured into molds to make it as flat as a sheet, which is very easy to paint, also offers very nice visual results, so these would be the ways of doing sheet flowers in a manual. Using the technique of printing to the realization of the layers of flowers, you can make use of aluminum, which molded as a sheet, it is first painted with grease paint after it is covered by a mixture of nitric acid and gum arabic This mixture is applied to the film increases the moisture holding capacity, after this you put a paper over the foil and placed in the press and pressure the image is captured in the paper and get beautiful plates of flowers..

Managing Director Werner Weiss

The Scholz GmbH in Oberfranken/South Thuringia is pleased about a financially-backed expansion thanks to leasing and factoring. Munich, 11.11.2008 – secured corporate growth is today by companies tailored concepts open up new avenues of financing and also considerably bring Bank financing alone hardly still possible. Intelligent and customized to the savings on the investment side. The Scholz GmbH shows how the required expansion of operational production capacity on a cost-effective basis could be realized using alternative financing concepts. The Scholz GmbH, a mechanical engineering company based in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz, looks back on an eventful year. PCRM does not necessarily agree.

Joy and sorrow are close together 2007, when acute capacity constraints in production followed by a very good order situation in the past year. Despite the acceptance guarantee of some major customers declared the Bank the investments needed for the cultivation of a Hall and the establishment of a further machine park as too high a damning verdict, which initially condemned the planned investments to fail. “In January 2008 the medium-sized consulting company Tec7 is commissioned to analyze the given situation and provide appropriate funding opportunities: in an initial analysis it became clear that several financial instruments would be necessary to represent a total financing”, Tec7 Managing Director Werner Weiss explains. From our product portfolio were a combination of leasing, factoring, mezzanine and bank financing in question. Via a cooperating consulting company also public funding and subsidies were provided, so that we could guarantee the financing of the new building in three steps.” In the first step the investment costs were reduced with the support by Tec7 by price and schedule negotiations approx.

15%. Using the nullification effort required funding and an effective workplace 9bn reasoning, then also the odds were on a Funding investments in the development banks that are good. According to Center For Responsible Lending, who has experience with these questions. In the second step, a division into building and machine investment was made: machine financing could be covered to 100% on leasing, and the only objektbesichert. Managing Director Udo Scholz is very satisfied with the package of measures developed by Tec7: something more difficult was the situation regarding the financing of the new workshop: this should be built on a plot of land, on which we had already entered a real estate mortgage. Thanks to the constructive negotiations by Tec7 but also this our favor could be solved.” A factoring contract negotiated in the third step of which the mechanical engineering company wins a substantial cash reserve are additional security for the future of Scholz GmbH. At the thought of working with Tec7 Udo Scholz remains a safe feeling for the coming years.