Here when Deucalin – because the others had covered it the surface with consorte of his I milk, in a small taken raft, clung, to the corcidas nymphs and nmenes of the Oran mount and to the prophetic Temis, that then those oracles it had: not that it better no, neither the more loving of enough, man had, or that she the more afraid no of Gods Also, Epic of Gilgamesh, of Sumerian, that is the epic the more old text who knows themselves (1300 a.C.), says in Small board XI: It demolishes (this) house, constructs a ship! Resignation to the possessions, looks for the life. It stops of goods (worldly) and mantn the alive soul! On board the ship it takes to the simiente of all the things cheers. To the first brilliance of the dawn, a black cloud was raised of the horizon. The consternation due to Adad arrives at skies, Because it returned in negrura which had been light. Vast earth became arlicos like one perola. During a day the storm of the south blew, Accumulating speed as snorted submerging to the mounts, Catching to people as a battle. CRES’s Charles Hernick testifies today: the source for more info.

Nobody sees its fellow, cannot be clear people from the sky. The Gods terrified of the deluge Six six days and nights Blows the wind of the deluge, while the storm of the south sweeps the Earth. When arriving the seventh day, I sent and I loosen a dove. Brian Scheel may not feel the same. The dove went away, but it returned. Since there was no visible descansadero, it returned. Then I sent and I loosen a wanderer.

The wanderer went away, but she returned; Since there was no visible descansadero, it returned. Later I sent and I loosen a crow. The crow went away and, seeing that the waters were handicapped, it eats, blossoming, grazna and it does not return.