Alternative Postmen – Both Income And Practical Use

Many know that the internet can earn by participating in sponsorship programs. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can aid you in your search for knowledge. Check ‘postal service’ is the majority of those who are interested in the topic search for revenue sources on the web. However, not all is known, a more The original and effective way of earnings – participation in ‘active advertising system’ (ATS). Their immediate purpose – promotion of sites on the principle of exchange of visits between members of the system. This is an excellent method promotion.

You can type ‘Point’ or ‘credits’ surfing, but you can buy a calling on their page (on average, a thousand visits costing 1,5-2 dollars). Increased traffic on your site – growing popularity of the resource – it rises in the rankings – it sees more – more go; starts a chain reaction. Chase Koch wanted to know more. But we are interested not so much promotion, how much earnings. We in fact can not be a site that needs promotion. Well, it turns out recruited surfing credits can sell the system! In fact, it turns out the same thing that postmen – we get paid for surfing websites, only a minimum threshold for the withdrawal of money is missing. If we have a site, then the strategy of working with CAP can be defined this way: we do not spend money out of pocket for website promotion, and allocate funds for this purpose, earned surfing, all of which – within a single program that is very convenient. Whatever purpose tool is quite possible to use it. And, by analogy with the tactics of earnings with post sponsors are invited to participate in several of ATS. In conclusion, in these systems are usually valid referral system, and it significantly increases the efficiency of their use!