Arakel Davrizhetsi

Modern Armenian language with its own rules of declension much closer to the language of our pagan ancestors than Grabar … P.: – There is a view according to which you referred to the country Aratta is in Afghanistan, not to territory of historical Armenia .. AR: – This hypothesis is not worth a damn .. Indeed, in the Sumerian epics country Aratta is mentioned as a supplier of lapis lazuli in Sumer, but since lazuritv jewelry that had been found in Sumer could occur only from Badakhshan in northern Afghanistan, and deduced that Aratta is in Afghanistan could .. Hypotheses are many, but what is surprising is how persistence with the authors of these various hypotheses do not want to explicit notice, as early as 4th century BC Greek scientist Theophrastus called lapis lazuli Armenian stone, it is clear that Theophrastus would not call it so do not be the main suppliers of the Armenians of the stone long before the Theophrastus. In “Book of Stories” Arakel Davrizhetsi (17th century BC) describes in detail the properties of the stone, and touts it Badakhshan lapis lazuli, and notes that it delivers the Armenians and Uzbeks that the Armenians processing lapis lazuli sell it all over the world … Have any reason to deny that the same scheme operated at the time of Aratta and Schumer? P.: – What do you think, who is the ancestor of the Armenians? Some people believe that Noah was an Armenian, and almost 20 000 years ago, to Urartu, the ancient Armenian republic existed.