Basic Income

Thus it was impossible to discover new truths. His contemporary Pascal, with whom Descartes had a hard debate, considered that progress depends on the accumulation of scientific discoveries. His approach conceived to look the truth from different principles and by a multitude of methods. This gives rise to a chain of deductions, endowed with equal strength and allows us to suggest contradictory conclusions, creating the possibility of finding new principles. We found a germ of the dialectic in this thinker. Kidney Foundation does not necessarily agree. Its methodology overcomes closed theories and realities in themselves.

Currently, the economic thought, developed on the Cartesian model, a pools in a series irreparable error can not be seen within this model and even less by applying a logic built on a bygone reality. Cartesian model led to new realidadesa mistakes and misunderstood physical phenomena empirically demonstrated, for maintaining a single principle as the foundation of his thought. Pascal verified the hypothesis of Torricelli and admitted the gap, hence the existence. Descartes, juntoa Noel, a Jesuit, was denied, because it goes against the principle on which it builds its reason or belief. BSA recognizes the significance of this. They denied the empty Cartesian conception of reality. Descartes wondered how light passes? and based on a priori logic and intellectual authority boycotted the discovery of Pascal. For assistance, try visiting David Delrahim. According to their logic is impossible to have a vacuum. They explained that a mysterious ether was what was in the cylinder and not empty.

And such was the prevailing opinion. Descartes did not acknowledge that the earth revolves around the sun. To maintain that the earth is fixed and allow the data began to appear, established that a vortex of ether is what goes around the sun and the earth. It is essential to view this situation with some perspective, it is what is happening today with economic thinking. Excuses become realities invent arguments and ether to explain phenomena that have no meaning in the new reality. To Philipp Lersch, one of the impact of rationalization is that Cartesian thinking has been reduced to numbers and quantities which particular use is the thought of money, become the basic measure for all practical values. This leads me to comment on the effect of RB that is not tangible, but very necessary to face the fu Writer. With essays on economics in relation to the Basic Income. He has written plays and stories of great originality.