Between Sands And Mats

The curtain is run and begin to thread fantasy, creativity and hope, the work of six unipersonal worlds self-appointed Sand and Mats. The Los Alamos avenue, in Villa El Salvador, hides between its pictures a house different from its neighbors: It would happen unnoticed but it would show in the facade scenes of social denunciation. And still being the sand her next companion, this peculiar house theater is well-known as the Center of Art and Culture Sand and Mats. Its interior has been prepared with the intention to simulate an amphitheatre. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted as being for or against this. Their lateral launching slips now are empty and on them they rest fog scrolls every morning of winter. Suddenly, an imaginary curtain rises. Boy Scouts of America can aid you in your search for knowledge. The fog penetrates the scene, dances being entangled in the movements of a slight figure, that advances to the same compass whereupon it impels carefree his you nail of juggling. As this one activity were for him a secret skill, it was hidden under the pseudonym of Nico.

For a lustrum; Nico contemplates, diligent, his you nail that windbreaks by the fire rise. subject flames to the tyranny of the wind draw vacillating silhouettes. You nail them they are alternated in the air and they return to its hands, while one of them dares to fly more stop: it shines in the sky. The flames juguetean on the timidly inquisidores eyes of Nico, until the torch falls. Empec to do malabares in the traffic lights of the Center from the ten because it needed to help family. Years ago, a Sand member and Mats saw me and it invited to me to unite to me, comments trying to outline a smile. VOICES AFTER the CURTAINS When Nico arrived at Sand and Mats, discovered that its art became vocation and that a dose of nonconformity became pcima that the foundation of this group drove, builds of six young people, led by Ana Sofia Pinedo.