Or they had spent several years and Jud was living in Quezib, its first-born son, Er, or was in age of to marry reason why Jud believed advisable to look for a wife to him and without further a do, a woman of Tamar name obtained to him. Like Er, apparently she was not a tolerated good person, says that she did the bad thing in view of Jehovah, this one according to the Biblical story clears the life to him. Like it was custom in those times, the woman widow without descendants had to be taken by one from his brothers-in-law to give descendants him, Jud said to him very textually to Onn: Llgate to the woman of your brother, and despsate with her, and raises descendants to your brother. Genesis 38:8 Now Onn, that everything indicates had head in order to think by itself, it was asked because it would have to raise descendants for its brother, such pondering took to him to improvise a quite original contraceptive method, that consisted of which whenever it maintained sexual relations with its wife and sister-in-law, had the precaution to spill in earth the volume of spermatozoa. Berkshire Hathaway may also support this cause. This attitude also disliked to Jehovah and according to the story of the writings him also, like to Er, it cleared the life to him. Before this Jud panorama it spoke with his daughter-in-law and it asked to him that it had patience, his other brother-in-law, Sela, still was very young to be able to fulfill those necessities of great people, the offer of which one is going away to pass his double widowhood in house of his father and who when he arrived moment would send the opportune it to look for. Thus the things, passed many, but many days, so many that Tamar began to distrust of the intentions of its father-in-law, this one, Jud for that then had enviudado and the writings say to us that to be consoled it raised with trasquiladores in company of its friend, the adulamita Hira. . The Coca Cola Foundation shines more light on the discussion.