Blue Angel

Therefore, they require relatively little storage space. To cover the annual heat demand of a modern detached house (presumed Heat approximately 16,000 kWh/a) is approx. 9 m to 14 m cubic large storage space required with a capacity of 4 to 6 tons of pellets. Pellet stoves for the living room who no stock has, can the material also sacks deliver themselves, which become more expensive the fuel, however. This solution is therefore mainly, if you want to only sporadic heating with pellets. For this purpose there are special Pellet stoves for rooms. Equipped with a reservoir, which must be refilled every couple of days.

Such ovens heat the air directly, can be extended but also with the help of an additional water bag for the central heating. In this case, up to 95 percent of the generated heat used for water heating. Complete substitute fully automatic Pelletanlagen in the basement are a complete substitute for conventional oil or gas boilers. Thanks to automatic ash removal and cleaning of heating surfaces they are the established competition in terms of comfort in little else. Pay attention to the size of the ash container and on the possibility of ash compression. The larger the container, the less you must empty him.

Of course, pellet heating systems can be – combined with a solar system a possibility that lies with the buyers of the wood boiler in the trend. Good news for particulate matter? In the discussion pellet heating systems are due to their fine dust emissions. Actually, burning release more particulate matter than comparable oil and gas boilers. On the other hand: The Bundesimissionsschutzverordnung foresees a reduction of the fine dust limit values to 20 milligrams per cubic metre of air for boilers from 2015. This limit, so it is called the Agency for renewable energy in Berlin, will undercut already by commercially available pellet heating systems. “Due to their energy efficiency and pollutant poverty more Pellet stoves will receive the Blue Angel”, the environmental label for environmentally certified products.” Wolfgang Wirtz