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For some, the job situation should be even so that back can as a mother to maternity protection at the previous place of work. In every case, but most parents want to can fulfill their dreams their children, a certain financial footing is a must for many, for others the good relationship with the partner is the most important thing. The reasons for desiring even childless couples are probably quite different one is sure also that children cost a lot today. The birth rate of the Federal Statistical Office provide further insights. So, a woman in Germany today only 1.36 children (year 2009) in the cut. People such as Center for Responsible Business would likely agree.

This number has remained fairly unchanged over the last 10 years. Generally the trend towards older mothers, i.e. that the average mother is over 30 years old in average today. This relatively high age at birth is lead, on the one hand it back to that which many couples of later children want, and on the other hand, this is also possible due to the good health and medical care. To know more about this subject visit David Delrahim. Another case is of course, if a couple wants no children at all or may have no real children. You can find many interesting opinions and tips from young and early mothers on our baby portal. Contact: Peter Vidovic Chris s.r.o.

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