But Berlin

There are portraits of important politician, as well as works of art around the theme of politics. Worth seeing is also the blue neon tape of the artist Maurizio Nanucci with lyrics by Hanna Arendt. Instead of bath, a former swimming pool in the wedding district, exhibitions, readings and theater performances take place regularly. It also serves as a backdrop for photo shoots and as a concert hall. This swimming pool with a history of over 100 years worth a visit because of the building.

The House of Schwarzenberg is a meeting place for Berlin artists close to the Hackesche Hofe. It is managed by the artists themselves and houses including a cinema, a record store, a video Studio and a Museum of the blind workshop. The ruins of the former Franciscan monastery close to the Alexanderplatz is located in contrast to the hectic everyday life. They dated from the 13th century and is one of the oldest buildings in Berlin. Or destruction during the second world war, she was the most important medieval site in Berlin. Under the Earth, Berlin offers insight into the slightly more recent history.

Visit unused and unfinished tunnel construction works in a subterranean Guide, learn about about the Berlin tube and get finds from the former use to face. A walk in the gaslights open-air museum in the Zoo is worth after sunset. There, evening 90 historic gas lamps from all over Europe provide a romantic atmosphere. A visit to the most famous sights of Berlin’s worth in any case. But Berlin is also much discharge ceiling value off the beaten track. Maybe you extend Yes your planned stay in Berlin, to get to know both sides of the city. Given the availability of hotels in Berlin, this is no problem.