Captive Donors

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – Crucified by the economy, the consumers still we conserved the good heart and we held pin more in the cross: to be donating of cents almost to force. The foundations that promote philanthropy machine-gun us in all the supermarkets and stores of convenience -for whom? – so that we donate the cents. The face of a boy of limited resources who, innocent, smiles in the large poster that shows the teller to us when it asks it likes to donate the cents? it contracts the heart to us. Yes, is no another exit. Anyway you the change clears. At the time of going to the automatic teller it asks to you if you want to donate two pesos for the education of children without resources. (A valuable related resource: Boy Scouts of America). Yes presses the key the consumer, also with the heart contricto.

And it does not see the television the Saturday and the tremendous cases of people who have conditions that affect until the tears. But the bottom, although hurts, is not thus. The megamillonarios use the foundations for philanthropy many times to evade to the state treasury. And those foundations cost: wages, rents of the premises, telephones, electricity, gasoline, automobiles First pay those expenses and what exceeds it distributes. Or, to say it clearly, really has confidence the consumer-donor in the numbers that say to us to have collected? Serious studies on the matter speak of a distrust of the educated population. For example, HEB collects less in important zones like Contry or Valle that in stores anchored in zones of limited economic resources. First they prefer to say and not to give him to the cents and extra weights to the paqueterito and the person of the third age that to a foundation, institution well-known or unknown by distrust. It is necessary to give without waiting for nothing in return, is certain, but we at least want to have the certainty that arrives and that is not for maintaining a new bureaucracy caught to the udder of philanthropy.

Of the Small Box. The propose Fiscal Reformation by Felipe Caldern wants to put to philanthropy and to the private education Under the premise that all we must pay taxes, we are of agreement that thus is although the Private Universities threatens passing the invoice to the final consumer. Rare what. Also it lacks that one burdens the red or white unions and that the informal economy is attacked. Or all coludos or all rabones. To the Carrier Change, which Change? , the previous presidential term is asked to the population when analyzing. If the thieves never have given change.