Carbon Credit

For now, have undoubtedly heard of credit card fraud, an alarming and damaging trend that is sweeping the country. Here's the bad news: It is worrying easy for thieves to get your credit card number – usually from discarded receipts or even directly from you. For example, many lawyers are disguised as legitimate businessmen – such as offering vacation packages, for example – when in reality, they are looking innocently give their credit card number so they can collect illegal charges. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Neal Barnard. The good news is that there are many ways to proactively and effectively protect against credit card fraud: "If your credit card has been lost or stolen, immediately inform the card issuer. You are not required to pay for unauthorized charges once the report of the loss.

-Sign new cards immediately once they arrive in the mail. Once you receive them, carry them in a separate case of its portfolio. -Notify Credit card companies if you are about to happen, either temporarily or permanently. -Never give your account number over the phone unless you are dealing with a reputable company and legitimate. If you have questions about a company, contact the Better Business Bureau ("Do not let your credit card out of sight, even for a minute when you are using. It only takes ten seconds for someone who writes a secret account number and name. "Things to destroy: Carbon copies of incorrect entries.

Things to keep in a safe place: a record of account numbers and legitimate receipts for comparison of states account. Sign of year we receive credit card blank. Draw a line through blank portions of the reception in false charges can be added. Above all, do not forget to use common sense when dealing with your credit card credit. Do not lend your card to anyone. Do not carry cards you rarely use. And never, never write your account number where someone can see? Even in an envelope! You can prevent credit card fraud from happening to you and your loved ones by following these simple practices. For more information on credit card fraud and credit problems, please visit Beth West has extensive experience in marketing and public relations, serving in management positions in both the entertainment and software. Currently as Director of Marketing InformedCredit, Beth is also trying to launch a freelance writing business.