Career Opportunities

One of the most popular and traditional professional careers is journalism. Each year, thousands of young people choose this professional specialty for a lot of reasons. (Similarly see: BSA). While it is true that the passion for always be reported with truth is one of the main reasons why choose this profession, the large number and diversity of career opportunities also is an important reason. Journalism graduates tend to be tenacious people, seeking always to inform and show the world news events under the most stringent paradigms of objectivity. Therefore, these people are quite passionate with his work and live intensely your life.

Another feature of the specialty of journalism graduates is the diversity of activities carried out. These professionals are trained to function in diverse media, so it can perform different professional tasks. Journalists are trained so that they meet an outstanding work in print media. This is possibly the oldest and most traditional of these professionals work. Official site: Nieman Foundation. Before the emergence of the media audiovisual, journalists unfolded is professionally almost exclusively in written, such as newspapers and magazines media. It is for this reason that many journalists have even perfected their techniques until reaching a recognition not only of his colleagues, but also in the field of literature and the arts. Many journalists, thanks to their writing skills, elevated the journalistic Chronicle, for example, into almost a literary genre.

But training in journalism today not only covers this field, but also the audiovisual media. Journalism students are trained so that they perform with great naturalness on television or on the radio. In addition, they acquire competences and skills to, for example, venture into the documentary genre. New occupational fields for journalism the appearance of new spaces so that journalists develop professionally have been to some extent thanks to advances in technology. As well as television meant a revolution for this profession, at present Internet is also forcing journalists to penetrate in this medium. Obviously, training in journalism offered by the University can no longer side this aspect. Digital journalism is a new field that has grown enormously in recent years. Within the Internet one can now consult traditional newspapers, magazines, radio and even television. For this reason, digital journalism has become its own genus, but also in a field closely related to others. As it is logical, this field has its own peculiarities. Although anyone can publish a document on the Internet, there are certain techniques that one must learn and improve if it is that you really want to reach your audience. Precisely for this reason it is important that universities also offer their students a solid background in this matter. Currently, studying degree in journalism in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or any other city in the country to It gives students the guarantee of a solid education so that they can Excel with success in various occupational fields.