Cash Registers

He let the cashier not only faster and more accurately calculate, but also has the function of information stored in the memory of all payments. To date, it is difficult to present the process holidays and buying goods in a shop without the use of check-out equipment. According to the survey population of Ufa, the residents of our city just do not believe in the possibility of a similar situation. Meanwhile, consideration in the State Duma a bill amending the Federal Law "On the application of cash registers in the implementation of cash payments and payments using credit cards," which provide for the abolition of cash registers for businesses imputed tax payers. Among the companies included in this category of retail trade area of 150 m2, parking, etc.

Cash Registers may soon disappear altogether from the shelves of trade pavilions of hairdressing, and auto markets. Supporters of the amendments to motivate changes in legislation need to support small business development and getting rid of entrepreneurs from the cost of cash registers. Back in 2005, Head of Economic Development and Trade German Gref called the legislation on the use of cash registers absurd: "No one official can not explain why they are needed, of course, such absurdities are eliminated this year. " From the report, Sergei Mironov: "For many years, employers ask a question that no one can clearly answer: why do we need cash registers, those who pay tax on the imputed income? This tax was introduced as a simplified form of taxation is small businesses.