Christmas Time

“A book recommendation for the Christmas season by Dirk Groling” Tiffy the Christmas bear “one means by the Gustrower author Maximilian Tube, titled Tiffy, looking for the hope of two stories,” was published in the publishing house books on demand. Christian is told of the friendship between the polar bear child Tiffy and his loyal friend from the human world. It all started with the journey of the little polar bear, all alone on an ice floe. Looking for the hope he had beta and thereby found a real friend which you can share with all. And of course the hope. But that was long ago.

Tiffy lives again on the distant ocean and missed his philanthropist. How many times has he wished to show his Christian home in the distant ocean… Klingelingling, klinglingling, klingelingling, klingling… one night sounded a ringing like a thousand small bells through the air and made our small polar bears so curious that he set on his way to the secret of this In the evening to discover… Tiffy, looking for hope”, …zwei fairy tale by Maximilian Tube published by books on demand GmbH, Norderstedt, ISBN: 978-3-8370-1610-9