Conflict My dear brothers, who the peace of God is always with you. My brothers if suffer the dilacerao from the soul, if he distresses if he suffers and he cries. If today you live in conflicts. They pursue if you. They humiliate if you. They calumniate if you they wound If you. They make if you to feel that you are not loved.

If everything that you make you are welcome has value. If it feels you alone. Aflito. Overwhelming. If you complain of and you cry. If your fights and pains, are not seen by your brothers. These conflicts These tears These pains.

It is a premise. It is an day for the evolution, and an arduous and austere way. It is the road of the knowledge Is the school of the indulgence and the pardon. It is the ascent for the agreement For the light. These afflictions nothing more are. Of what knowing. We harvest what we plant That we redeem in them of our errors. That we come back toward corrigiz them. If to suffer diverse pains, is because we spread thus it in another existence. We have you parents and incompressible mothers Are because thus already we have a carrying son of diseases is because yesterday We take somebody to commit the suicide, They have a husband or conturbada and sick wife, in them to demand us it infatigvel tolerance is because we abandon yesterday it. Everything that we pass here. Everything what we suffer here is the consequence of what we live yesterday, pains that we sow yesterday. We today harvest, the tears that we spill today Is what yesterday we made to fall the calumnies and hatred for spread us Let us receive today. By in such a way my dear brothers nobody is punished Nobody is Pursued victim of an injustice Damaged Nobody is victim and yes we are what we plant yesterday We are those that yesterday we cause pains and sufferings For we do not understand what the pardon is the love, the charity, the patience, the austerity, Humildade At last if today we pass for conflicts inside and outside of our homes is because yesterday we cause and all the cause and a reaction.