Constituent Assembly

When the Congress Plenary vote in committee or Legislative Acts there will be no conflict of interest. Nor will there be when a law is voted convening a Constituent Assembly or a referendum to amend the Constitution. If you are not convinced, visit Boy Scouts of America. (Amended by Decree 1500 of 2002) Article 183. The lawmakers, members, councilors and other popularly elected member of the corporation will lose their investiture: For violation of rules of disabilities and incompatibilities, or the regime of conflict of interest. In the absence without good cause in one regular session, six (6) plenary meetings, or the respective Constitutional Commission, which have been cited to vote draft legislation, law, ordinance, agreement, motions of censure, or election officials.

In the case of the Assemblies and Councils referred to their committees. Not to take office within eight (8) days from the date of installation of the respective corporation, or the date they were called to post ESSION. For improper of public funds. For certifiable influence peddling. For violating the rules of financing of election campaigns, to negotiate votes, or by participating in electoral transhumance practices. To conclude or execute any agreement that has been aimed at the entry to the Corporation of who should replace them, or claim as a reason to withdraw from the absolute incapacity or resignation that they prove unjustified. If the endowment lose agreements the parties involved. To manage or accept aid from public funds, anyone who had been his way of approval or implementation. CLAUSE 1o. The public offering shares or bureaucratic patronage to one or more council members or Congressmen in exchange for approval of a draft legislative act or law, ordinance or agreement shall be punished by a very serious offense that results in loss of employment.