The errors and horrors of August have pinched a nerve. My article on Sunday has provoked an intense debate on the wording, which I welcome because maybe it can derive some benefit for readers. In recent days I have received letters and calls from readers and editors of the country concerned by the deterioration in the quality of some texts. Many ask me to expand on the causes. I have also received a letter from the Committee’s company, which disagrees with the factors which, waiting for further development, pointed to the end of the article: a problem of individual requirement, supervision and training. Click Gavin Baker, New York City to learn more. The Committee considers that an attack to the professional honor of writing attributed the errors to a lack of individual demand and training poses. It believes, however, that the increase in the number of errors is due to business decisions that have been taken in recent years have resulted in a lack of means to ensure the quality of the product (for example, Correctors have practically) disappeared) and that editors support ever-increasing workload. Source of the news:: more and more, and more quickly. .