Could You Defend Yourself In The Street

The attacker then noticed that he was marked colored grasps in the majority of cases the escape, in which hope can still remove the color, before the police appears, but because the color gel very well on skin and clothing is liable he can try this long to remove. To forego a usually rather hopeless self defense against an overwhelming enemy such a gel in a handbag is a real alternative, that you should think about anyway especially if you are frequently at night, so because just then is the probability that you will fall over of course particularly high. A careless handling with your own safety is actually no longer necessary at the present time, because a quick look in the media enough to get a picture of it, as it is to the security on German roads. Certainly, the rising crime rate has also their release, which should be resolved urgently so that it is again quieter and you must make no longer so worried about these things, however, this is a task that can not accept individual citizens. Learn more at: Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. The currently dramatically tense of politics certainly will in Future make sure that young people want to well-off to acts of desperation or vent their anger on the world of other people. On the further deterioration of the situation you should reckon so. Certainly there is nothing in, you make yourself crazy and constantly attacking anticipates, however, you should also just take the whole thing lightly, but be aware of how serious the dangers of the present time are to take and an offender, you can not put off, how quickly becomes perhaps even a serious threat. Dieter Wenger, Ulm. .