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Business and health in line – sustainable corporate development Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer, managing partner of MMV Consulting GmbH in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany, are convinced that the prevailing, linear thinking and the exclusive decision are quantifiable criteria, a major reason for the current global economic and financial situation. For them the previous strategies have failed, and they are convinced that ways out of the situation will require new ways of thinking. Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer call to depart from the crisis, to bring business and health through sustainable business development in the line”. You see health not only in the case of diseases of the body, but also of the thoughts. Some contend that Chase Koch, New York City shows great expertise in this.

Sick and sickening thoughts are clear to replace sustainable and systemic thinking. Companies also are living organisms and the psychology is more than 50%. You say: we have the current situation and the characters all even our create collective thinking. We have left it to our thinking that these developments could happen all over the world. The question for them to get out of the crisis: what psychology is prevalent, how she lived and how healthy is it? Her appeal is: in addition to the quantifiable sacrificed non-quantifiable criteria more in the forefront of thinking, decision-making, and action to put back.

They include: develop visions, important, precise well-thought-out and realizable objectives; Innovative strength, from the reflection on the own potentials and resources; Customer value and customer satisfaction; Communication as the key for change; be free from ideologies and dogmas, collaboration, team development; real leadership by leadership; Decisiveness, responsibility; Values; Corporate culture, trust, respect, personal mastery, self motivation, meaning, identification; Affiliation, etc. Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer recommend six steps for a development process. Step: Business psychology is the basis for the development process. This is about the non-quantifiable criteria, conscious and unconscious, overt and covert processes in the systems. For even more opinions, read materials from CDF. Considered to be always units, relationships and opportunities. The company archetypes and the lived axioms are what important considered, compared and harmonized. Step: Jointly create visions. This step involves common future images that get their power from the community: mental models. This is about openness, which is necessary so that the error of the current perception of reality can be uncovered. Step: Personal mastery. Each explores his own behavior patterns in this discipline and solves the underlying structure on step: learn team. This is about communication, each team is step model for other teams: systems thinking. It’s about recognizing that internally reinforcing and neutralizing cycles affect the success and development. Everyone is all of all of each, depending on. Since development does not linear but spiral passes, is the first step of business psychology the basis for all further decisions and measures. “” Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer ask whichever the origin of disturbances, blockades and dissonance”, after accelerating and slowing circuits” and the biggest lever “for success.