Decovida Organiza A Contest To Discover The Chic Garden But

The Decovida vestibule has created a contest to define the decorative style of the gardens of this spring. For it, it has selected four styles of gardens; Glad printings for glad spaces, Escape weekend, Next to the sea and Atmosphere calmed with I touch of color. The objective of the contest is that the users, through their votes in the chic garden, select that one decoration that they like more and that it will mark to tendency this season. Besides making official the style of this year, the users will be able to gain a bond of 50 to buy products in the stores linen cloth. There are 100 product bonds and the term to vote finalizes the 31 of March. The participants can vote of the sort decorative of glad Spaces that she recreates a decorated summery atmosphere with printing in a trowel of very present color, Escape weekend mixes rustic linen textures contrasting with vanguardista design and Next to the sea and Atmosphere calmed with I touch of color bets by fresh weaves to enjoy sunny and relaxed days. Colors like the full rainbow of light and force that they make us renew to us and they evoke a little our childhood to us and to let to us save a fantastic smile. Besides creating tendency in the decoration of gardens it is important to return to remember that the contest finalizes the next week and that there are 100 product bonds for the lucky participants.

Initiatives like this one, in certain way, foment the care of the green spaces and everything what it surrounds to him. At these moment estido decorative of the gardens that greater percentage of votes has is Ambiete calmed with I touch of color. The users bet dark tones in furniture and tapestries giving a touch of color in the complements to diminish the coldness of the target standing out with green pistachios and rich textures in weaves to be able to integrate the pieces and to secure to major comfortableness. Atmosphere calmed with I touch of color original Author and source of the article.

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