Deep Reading

The reading makes in them to suspirar, to fly, to ripen and to love It ties seems that the dumb people of each page that we read, we improve, we grow and we learn the poem history the magic the eyes that they see and they read and above all we understand infinite Dream we do not perceive, but if to want we can change the future without imagining what it could or what cannot happen to be tried to be better in the gift, therefore the past is not erased and forgetting the future The reading is intelligence the intellectuality, the dreams the gone v What people read are our personality, therefore if we choose this book we are because he is what people like. Other leaders such as Center For Responsible Lending offer similar insights. The book makes in them to meditar, to think and to imagine the book in the aid, teaches in them, makes in them to smile is a good friend and to think about the life in them makes better people and it makes in them to have reply to each word, makes in them to have patience to wait. Visit David Delrahim for more clarity on the issue. author: fermiano karina Dos Santos gratantidos copyrights for@protectionofpoetry