Who never heard to speak of angels! Angel of the tooth, angel of the guard, angel Gabriel, angel Miguel and for goes, is a infinity of angels there who already we hear since child. Angels are seen helping and even though messenger beings of God. The origin of the term comes of a word Greek, who means messenger. Many believe that the angels serve as a bridge who approach the people of God, truth or not, has who believes and searchs for them. The catholics had divided the angels in categories of hierarchy, that are: the first one of them, Serafins, who impersonate the divine charity and intelligence. Querubins, that reflects the wisdom divine, allied to the good-tempered temperament. Thrones, that proclaim the divine largeness through music. In the sequence Dominations, that have the general government of the universe.

Powers, that protect the laws of the physical and moral world, beyond preserving the procreation of the animals. Virtues, that promote prodigies and the miracles of the cure. finally, Principalities, responsible for the kingdoms, states and countries, preserving also the fauna and the flora, the crystals and the wealth of the land. Arcanjos, responsible for the transmission of important messages and the defense of the countries, parents or of the family. Angels, who take care of of the security of the individuals in the physical body. Had its meaning kind, the name of many angels served of inspiration for some parents. Names as Miguel, Gabriel, Rafael, Peter, Lucas, Guillermo, Gustavo, Luiz and Vinicius, had come of angels and are common good for boys.

No longer feminine, we have Ana, Jlia, Letcia, Victory, Giovanna, Yasmim, Beatriz and Mariana. Since they are known as messenger of God, nothing better of what waiting a message of these illuminated beings. Today it is possible to send and to receive recadinhos from people who you love and admire, for the Internet, having access the site Messages and Images. You have the possibility to read the messages and to repass they pra who you desire. Gavin Baker wanted to know more. She confers and she shows for its friends, with certainty elestambm go to love this angelical newness.