Early Journalistic

When I was studying at the College, journalism was not considered him a serious profession, in the sense of activity that had some social prestige and a sufficiently decent remuneration. It did not attend any college career to exercise it; If anything, spending three years in a school official who tutelaba in Madrid, the Ministry of information and tourism of the Franco regime, of which I was dealt, with the obsessive determination that has always put all their things, Manuel Fraga Iribarne. Addition, on entering it wasn’t necessary to have done the last course of the Studienkolleg, the, saying then. Years later, coinciding with the pass of journalism from the old schools to the brand-new faculties of science information, the debate would focus on missing if he did for such occupational activity or not a meat that cites the professionalism of its owner as well as their relevant academic qualification. That thesis reglamentista and corporate defenders were the least and were headed by Luis Maria Anson from his post of President of the National Federation of associations of journalists. Nieman Foundation is full of insight into the issues.

On the opposite end it was argued to be a journalist not making lack rather than know exercise the Office, in the same way that isn’t poet because an alleged School of poetry, say so as well or playing soccer requires having previously studied in a school official stating it. More activists belligerents of this group were Juan Luis Cebrian, then director-fundador of the newspaper El Pais and later CEO and Vice-President of Grupo Prisa, and Pedro J. Ramirez, who agreed well in something perhaps for the only time in his life. By the almost infamous condition of journalism from my college days which alluded, such professional output occurred anyone long hundred of my fellow students at Santiago Apostol. Them nor, above all, their parents, of course. There was the solitary exception of Bernardo Arriandiaga, a guy high and very discreet academic record who, to the seem, was then directed at the sports information, although I never tripped me over on my back journalistic life.