Eastern Christian

What does it mean exactly? After the Chancellor, it is a problem that there are more and more people in a secular world, which might not be so understanding the Christian humanism also is () “.” But a fair question today, where the Christian humanism influenced today’s CDU policy? And how this is to understand in this context? The commitment to the Christian humanism and the following for us fundamental values of freedom, justice and solidarity have lost none of its relevance and validity. 5 “Erwin Teufel had recently stimulated the discussion in the”Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”and warning sign. Democracy must convince his opinion with content, and pleads for a Christian-oriented value policy. The C stands for Christian and you must recognize that content. In his speech before the senior Union, clarifies that abandon it for him no way out on the orientation of the “C” or just this. The idea of the Christian The human being, which sees itself as a unity of mind, body and soul, offers an orientation. Official site: Americares.

This Christian Humanism is the basis of our Constitution. It includes the balance between freedom and responsibility. It is the Foundation of the universal rights of all people. It justifies our responsibility in political action. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies pursues this goal as well. “It is obliged to show solidarity with the weak, to the quest for Justice and to protect of all human life in responsibility before God and the people” 6. The Christian view of humanity is a set image of man.

The person will vary according to the virtues and values. He should bejaen God and his fellow man, so his aspiration to become perfect, has a chance of success. Eastern Christian understanding of the human being is this, that man with himself, with the environment and with God is a harmony. It is considered a possible perfection. The Christian view of humanity has lost none of its power of attraction and can develop strength and confidence in the policy. Because it is all the more important the image of this man to rediscover if it threatens to fade”7. Even if the way itself is the goal, it is worth to orientate yourself then. This way is not only far from thoughtlessness in dealing with the environment, but also full responsibility. This mission statement, which is a challenge, indicating that challenges confidently and responsibly should be accepted of present and future, not only a moral claim, but also an action job.