At what age should your child in the buggy? Should also be taken on quality and safety. For a good model, parents have to spend a fortune, even inexpensive models cut off again good in tests. When can my baby in the stroller? Most parents opt for buying a stroller when the child is about a year old. Be sure that your baby unassisted can sit and do this gladly. Although the backrest provides a little hold your child’s body, but that is not sufficient to the upper body of maintain alone.

Postural defects and damage to the spinal column are the result, if parents do not too early on the stroller. The Internet is sometimes to read that children may from 9 months in the buggy, this principle is not correct however. Often, the children are somewhat older, if you have the right age. What should you look for when buying? The child is still small, it would also sleep may in the children’s buggy. Many writers such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer more in-depth analysis. So be sure to buy a model with reclining function. Here, the seat if necessary can be folded backwards and converted to the sleeper.

To protect against UV radiation should have the model a sunroof. Low-cost models, this is often omitted. At the same time, the small roof as rain protection and protects from draughts. If you want to do also your shopping with the buggy, look also for a storage network. This is especially handy and can be used also to bring toys or diapers for your child. Footmuff keeps baby warm beautiful in winter. Most manufacturers offer different variants. Unlined Fleecesacke are usable for the whole year. When it is cold outside, a fur usage may be used. Seat belts are mandatory for children buggies in Germany. The safety of products is checked by TuV. But be sure, that the safety harness for your child’s size is also suitable or can be adjusted accordingly. For very young children doesn’t always fit the straps. Only a good sitting harness offers sufficient protection against falling out. Buy buggy: comfort for the parents also comfort for the parents should not to be neglected. The modern models made of aluminium are so easy that you can easily carry and transport. Also air travel are no problem. Simple plastic wheels are possibly enough, much more comfortable for parents and pneumatic wheels, however, are child. The high-priced models are also well sprung. Such shocks are intercepted and the child is not shaken. Moreover, it can be annoying in everyday life, to maneuver a buggy with bad steering. The handlebars should be adjustable in height, because only so is ensuring that it can be adapted to your individual size. This is important, because if you push the buggy over a period of time, you should never do this in a kneeling position. Otherwise, back pain is inevitable. A good buggy is from 150 available. Focus also on test results.