“There are following special applications, where a medical permanently is up make primary: breast cancer patients the female breast considered the epitome of femininity” a woman. In addition to the physical pain, the emotional pain that is optically visible through a breast surgery after plastic surgical measures is great. Make can be brought by a medical permanent patients up great help against by (after the healing process) the scarring is adjusted by insertion of pigments of the skin of the environment. In this context one speaks of a scar correction”chest. It however also the nipple (nipple) as well as the breast areola (areola) can be built after breast cancer disease (= areola-nipple reconstruction pigmentation). By a medical permanent make-up can be achieved a complete recovery of the areola complex (= members of chest areola). The treated breast looks therefore to the “first course” from. This human Feinstpigmentierung the affected woman gives back a piece of normality of life, quality of life and a new body feeling.

A medical permanent make up is always then performed when all medical (surgical) procedures have been completed. After enlargement/reduction even after a plastic surgery breast augmentation or reduction the cosmetic result can be completed by a medical pigmentation of nipple breast surgery. Scars retouching a scar represents the final State of a wound healing. She can be called fibre replacement tissues, that people can be visually for the affected to a major problem. The most common causes for a medical indexed permanent make up in this context are: dog bites operations burns with acids skin abnormalities cleft burns injuries after cuts or abrasions to pigmentierenden scars must at least 1 to 2 years old can be to perform a successful scars retouching. Similar skin color pigments (camouflage pigmentation) are implanted using a sterile needle into the skin (as well as in a usual permanent make-up).