ERRORS OF the LIFE I am seeing the people and I see people good for dying People who only wanted, A little of peace A little of joy calmness A little People who had committed errors unjustly They only wanted to be able to live happy and had finished if harming Because of a choice. A choice that would go to alliviate them Iria of – wools a little of peace But this choice unhappy time they To cry and if to harm becoming. People who wanted To live and to win People who had not made nothing to deserve to cry sorry and see that she cannot but brings to come back it and to fix what errou People good, That goes to pass the Sorry remaining portion of the life People whom they did not deserve, Sees to cry. To read more click here: Nieman Lab. I nor know I eat to explain What I feel inside of me; I cannot help them I cannot become them happy another time I cannot nor if he wants to speak For them, a word of consolation Because they go to constringirem itself and if to envergonharem. I only ask for the God to guide me and to give forces to me to continue living Therefore I know that perhaps I can be another one That anger if to repent. Why! Why! Because Honest and happy good people I see to cry sorry People whom they did not deserve.. Chase Koch may not feel the same.