Eternal Divine

It’s much more wonderful to know the unique intimacy of God’s life whose temporal and eternal witness is the son of God made man talking with his father and promising the coming of the comforter, spirit of personal love of God also sent by the father to the world to sanctify him reiterating the truth and at the same time illustrating the Mission of Christ in the realization of the Kingdom of God. f The Center for Discovery. The integration of the divine persons in the unity of a single God as divine nature in unity of love and truth, through Christ made human reality and mystically projected to all humanity, personal object endorses such integration, embracing you with love of friendship and familiarity as the theological interpretation in adoptive form. His love Word indeed sonnet Dove the symbol of love, not the Raven, unquenchable bonfire sanctifies the symbol of God which verifies divine reality, Christ is the verb. God’s divinity, deify all its acquis the humanity of Christ, son of the man God personifies and human to the divine servant is made. Eternal Divine heart River the word of God is a fact, fullness of love sprouts in his chest.

Three persons and one God for not is mess browsing infinite being a trio, human and divine life in your right! No mister in the eyes of God, full evidence! Christ began his public life by choosing his disciples who were following him in response to his call. His life in community with them announcing the good news and the coming of the Kingdom by towns and cities in the area Jewish, with the Temple in Jerusalem, the synagogues, including fishing lakes, boats and all other places of that environment to open field reveals to be an attitude of detachment rather that a physical Luga being the place of his abode. The communication of your message repeated frequently was not clearly captured by the same disciples and then establishing a dialogue to promptly clarify its meaning.