There are by far not only the classic By drama about action and horror – in this genre is represented Christmas comedies – really all. Whether in the family or intimate togetherness, sweeten the cold days of December with a few Christmas films and vote on the Christmas time! (5) soup kitchen instead of noble restaurant swap you the Festagsschmaus in the restaurant to use in the soup kitchen. Many social institutions offer a free Christmas dinner for the people at Christmas, that can not afford or do not even have a roof over their heads. If you want to do something good, others and even himself, sign up as a volunteer! To convey the true spirit of Christmas you will be grateful for your help. (6) it is not so easy to get all the Christmas visits during the holidays new round instead of old contacts parents, in-laws, siblings, and friends -.

Why don’t you try it with a big Christmas party for all? Meet up with him at home or in a restaurant and at any speed, provide for a change of seat places. Which neatly brings variety in the celebration and your guests get new contacts and stimulating conversations with each round. You can to consider the seat relocation either before or during the celebration event from making a real, E.g. loose out, who should sit next to whom. You will see how much fresh wind that brings in the evening – and how much fun Christmas “duty celebrations” at once can do it! Tip: The initiated change of seating places is also wonderfully suited for corporate Christmas parties. Nothing ensures better contacts between colleagues as a dinner with changing seat neighbors! (7) it a try old stories instead of new gifts if you still don’t know how you want to spice up your Christmas itself, but with a few old stories or fairy tales! Sit for the festive feast together with your loved ones before the fireplace and listen to tales of brave heroes or faraway countries.