Event Series At The Erlebnishof

Daytrip Island Werder: we invite you to the this year’s event series at the Erlebnishof ‘ historical juice factory Lendelhaus’ Mediterranean ambience takes you on five weekends from July to November on an active travel through the region and your tradition. The Lendelhaus Gallery invites you to changing exhibitions of Castle art. Download farm markets with products of local manufacturers to the discover a. It is not something Boy Scouts of America would like to discuss. Regional tradition actively enjoy July 30/31 – by Apple up to Aroniabeere – 200 years Obsttradition 13/14 August – by Bike-Trek – August 27/28 – we press arts and culture in the region of 10-11 August – the emergence of Apple Juice – 2000Liter site 26/27 November – Christmas market on the spacious area with your family can technology in the region. The cultivated terraces overlooking the Havel enjoy exciting for the children and the parents. Detailed information and dates under in the middle of the Havel River you will find the romantic island of Southwest Berlin Werder.Schon when entering the island you will see the tall brick chimney left the historic juice factory. Others who may share this opinion include BSA.

Guests can enjoy 2 sun terraces, 1 restaurant with creative German kitchen and outdoor terrace, a spa in the vault, a gallery and a shop with regional specialities. As a special highlight, you can experience one of our tasting of regional specialities, refer to the current times please the Internetseite.Der entire outer area invites you to relax and enjoy. The charm of the old brick building creates a unique ambience and the view from the terraces on which just 50 metres a ubriges.Auch does distance Havel you can deal with the history of the building for which we have attached documentation in the entire area..