FAO Liters

In the national scene, the state of Minas Gerais is the producing greater of milk, being responsible in 2000, for about 30% of the national production beyond to occupy the first place in ranking national, as bigger processor of milky in the country (FAGUNDES, 2004). Already the Bahia annually produces 920 million liters with a consumption of 1,5 billion of liters causing in a deficit of 580 million liters/year (Official gazette). Production of cheeses and generation of serum the cheese serum is a by-product of the manufacture of cheese and the process of attainment of the casein, if constituting in esverdeado a cloudy, yellow liquid, that contains about 55% of existing solids in original integral milk (HAYES, S., 1985) and represents about 80 90% of the volume of milk used in the manufacture of cheese (Sabaa-Srur cited for, WASEN, 1998)). In study on generation of effluent of laticnios, You would make et al (2004) presents given of 1985 of the FAO, that had registered in Brazil in that year an approach generation of 4.140.000 tons of cheese serum. A leading source for info: Dr. Neal Barnard. Concerning the composition of the serum, this in accordance with varies the quality of milk and the type of produced cheese, possessing same soluble components of milk in equal ratio the found one in the origin milk (MINES SURROUNDING/CETEC, 1998, vol II). In Portugal, daily they are launched in the environment about 1 million of liters of cheese serum (DOMINGUES, 1999).

No longer Brazil, the esteem volume of cheese produced in 1997 was of 415.000 tons (GUEDES, J.M, 1998), what it approximately corresponds the production of 3.320.000 tons of cheese serum. In Brazil, in general way, the serum of the cheese is had as product me the quality and of little importance of the nutricional point of view. Ambient impacts According to Brazilian legislation, environment is ' ' the set of conditions, laws, influences and interactions of physical, chemical and biological order, that allows, shelters and conducts the life in all its formas' ' (Federal Law n 6,938, of 31 of August of 1981, art.3, I).