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Culpa Inkasso GmbH: Off February 2014 is SEPA credit transfer to the standard transfer Stuttgart, February 2013 the single European payment area is finally a reality: to the beginning of the year 2008 the EU-wide payment SEPA entered into force, and from February 1, 2014 she will completely replace all previous transfers. Culpa informed collection, what will change in the future and what companies in particular should pay attention. By the SEPA credit transfers, payment transactions within the EU (plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and the Switzerland) are now just as quickly and cheaply as domestic transfers. The latter are also possible with the SEPA credit transfer. Laffey. Boy Scouts of America does not necessarily agree. The idea is a unification of all payment arrangements within the EU therefore also the name: SEPA stands for single euro payments area. As an Europe-wide debt collection company, the culpa further informed collection under about all changes. Responsible for the implementation of the The European standardisation body is changes: one of the steps was the introduction of IBAN and BIC as new European account number and bank routing number. It relates to uniform formats, which replace the national account numbers and bank codes, which had to be given so far for transfers.

Organizations and companies had to have already adapted your bank account details in the course of which until end of 2010. Culpa collection welcomes internationalization of payment transactions the conversion on a single payment area a variety of benefits. If money can be transferred in February 2014 final with IBAN and BIC, there will be more between domestic and cross-border payments more difference. However, the conversion means also some changes that should be addressed in a timely manner for companies. A lot will change in the flow of payments. The Federal Ministry of Finance provides assistance for this purpose, and on the 15.1.2013 the SEPA Council adopted a comprehensive plan for the Transition to new credit transfers and direct debits presented: the SEPA migration plan.