Federal Network Agency

Regulations restrict travel of the providers of numbers of service still just have spent a long time on the phone queues hundreds of thousands of Germans in recent days partly to learn, for example, about the status of their planned travel. Against this background, also the subject of the free hold was once more subject to public discussion of policy and consumer protection agencies. Currently regulations complicate providing the Federal Network Agency but continuously for the caller of free queues. The QuestNet GmbH advises therefore by dynamic queues, and, if necessary, limitations to limit the cost for the caller to a minimum. The Federal Network Agency has established Central different service phone numbers streets with different caller rates. This is to distinguish in particular between settled online connections such as for example the 0800 numbers and settled offline connections such as the 0900 numbers. Online billed connections, the regulated tariff of the caller is automatically calculated, once a connection is made.

A Carrierswitch could simulate similar to a hold a free tariff announcement, only for a very limited time”, explains Thomas Wendt, Director of QuestNet GmbH from Cottbus. Any other hardware that is able to represent a dynamic queue, would establish a connection with the acceptance of the call on hold, and thus fees promptly. These approaches are so technical reasons. no viable alternative” Now, the Federal Network Agency plans to introduce new, offline settled 0180-0-numbers. This makes it possible in the offline process different dynamic to be praise various discussion sections combined with the appropriate technology. Thus one could realize even a free queue”, explains Thomas Wendt.

However, the so-called offline billing works only for calls from the fixed network for regulatory reasons. On mobile phone calls, however, the tariffs immediately the conversation beginning Mobile network operator due. Thus this solution on the landline is limited.” Thomas Wendt therefore advises to use existing technologies to waiting times using dynamic queues and, where appropriate, to reduce limitations with subsequent processes such as announcements or VoiceBox and permanently to monitor the volume of callers. About QuestNet GmbH: The Questnet GmbH is a carrierunabhangiger application service provider, focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative telephone services. We provide you an efficient customer dialog own platforms and many years of experience with Web-based applications and make easier the daily work with customer-oriented thinking, individual solutions and flexible service.