Federal Reserve

When the music stops in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But while the music sounds, you have to be standing and dancing. We are still dancing. Chuck Prince as much as the national Government point out that Venezuela will not suffer the consequences of the financial crisis, this is not entirely true, given the impact that will occur in many economic indexes, more when Venezuela is known basically depends on its export of oil and one of its main clients is the United States rightly considering the importance of the subject, what this represents, its scope and impact us he mops proposed in elm written consider the opinion of experts that they manifest their position, we have faithfully respected their statements and it should not surprise us, therefore, to comment, which in a globalized economy as which are living long, any problem or situation that affects a given country especially when it is a great power, will have an impact more or less in different economies of the world. In the case that concerns us, the problem arises in the United States, that is, without a doubt, the center of global economic world.

Financial institutions around the world used as financial institutions supporting us.NU. and, as it is logical to assume, much of the money that was lost was savers around the world, not only residents of that country.Remember as Dr. Innocence Sanchez, points out all the mess starts to build when the Federal Reserve of United States of America decides to cut interest rates. This decision impacts the results of banks, so it decided to look for alternatives to compensate for the decrease in their income. So, as arise mortgages or sub prime mortgage loans; i.e., loans granted to people whose ability to pay was not the high enough by what they were willing to pay a little higher than normal interest rates.