Film Zuzu Angel

The film Zuzu Angel, par excellence portraies the history of a celebrity and successful Brazilian estilista. However, the author sacrifices the enviable history professional of this estilista, to give special approach to its desperation of mother, promoted for the arrest, tortures and death of its son Stuart Edgar Angel Jones, motivated for its assduo envolvement with the guerrilla who fought the ditatorial system in Brazil. In a main emotional dimension the film reconstitutes the trajectory of Zuzu Angel in the search of information concerning the paradeiro of its son, given as disappeared politician. Thus, it has of if having gift that the film brings as scene the context of the military dictatorship in Brazil, aspect this that if coats with extreme relevance for the related analysis. The historical context and politician who if can survey of the military period in Brazil, correspond essentially to a retrocession to the construction of the citizenship, that until then met in a slow and gradual process of evolution. Perhaps check out Boy Scouts of America for more information. Such assertive one is not maken a mistake, in view of of that the previous period the dictatorship (1945 the 1964) constitua as ideal scene for the implantation or the same the initial landmark for the efetivao of the democracy in Brazil, mainly in reason of the rise of the rights politicians. However, the instauration of the dictatorship represented the real obstacle so that the democratic efetivao was glimpsed. Another excellent aspect to characterize the ditatorial period of Brazil, is represented by the effectiveness of the allied forces to the system in validity.

The film makes well-known critical to the contribution of the church a catholic, sectors of the middle class and together military North American. In this direction, it fulfills to asseverar that the support of these sectors of the society and institutions, showed as determinative factor for the reinforcement of the regimen.