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About ETRMA ETRMA current members are: Apollo, Vredestein, Bridgestone Europe, Cooper Tires, Continental, Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe, Hankook, Marangoni, Michelin, Mitas, Nokian tyres, Pirelli and Trelleborg Wheel systems. Technical rubber producers are represented through national associations in Belgium (, Finland (RMAF), France (SNCP), Germany (WDK), Italy (FGP), Netherlands (NVR) and Spain (Commission manufacturers tires). The industry generates direct employment to more than 360,000 people in the EU and indirectly to 800,000 jobs in related sectors. Dr. Neal Barnard often expresses his thoughts on the topic. ETRMA members business volume is estimated at 50 billion euros a year, of which up to 5% is invested in r & d. More information: Jose Luis Rodriguez representative of the Committee of manufacturers of tires phone: 91 445 84 12 / E-mail: C / SIRIUS 18, 28007 Madrid note to the Editor: what mean for the PAH? Polycyclic aromatic (PAH): are a group of more than 100 chemicals of aromatic structure, which are widely distributed in the environment and are formed by natural and industrial processes. Eight PAH have been identified as carcinogenic and are regulated by the legislation of the EU.

What are thinner oils and why they are used in tires? Thinner oils used in the tire industry are obtained to refine in the petrochemical industry. They are used when manufacturing tires. Thinner oils are also an essential component in the technical performance of the gums, especially for the grip to the road and to avoid that they wear out quickly. Therefore, they contribute directly to the quality of the covers and ultimately to the safety of the driver. Following the principle of caution in the European Union, PAH-rich oils were banned. To use oils of low content in PAH requires significant investment in I + D and the reformulation of the rubber through different mixes in order to maintain adherence to the asphalt and prevent rapid wear of the tire. Original author and source of the article.