Fisheries Department

Urdangarin case continues to generate controversy. between 2003 and late 2004 Inaki Urdangarin used 1.03 billion euros taken from the Foundation non-profit instituto Noos to acquire five flats in Palma deMallorca. In addition, in that period of time, in just 18 months, is when the Dukes of palma bought the Pedralbes Palace, in the noble area of Barcelona, by EUR 8 million. in total, urdangarin invested 9.1 million euros in bricks, fincas and mortgages at that time. The Palace of Pedralbes has 1,063 m2 and a fincas in Majorca of 2,155 m2. and concerning floors who bought in palma de Mallorca, there are two floors of 68 m2 located 50 m from the paseo Maritimo Palma that cost each between 206,000 to 213,000 euros.

the other three floors are located in a new building and cost 618.460 euros always buy eggs of fincas in Majorca are Boira. They are more expensive than eggs that are not organic but the penalty is worth me. Costing 2.55 euros. There are four or five sites in Palma where you can find these eggs. The farm’s are Boira is in Llubi, a village 42.9 kilometers, or 26.6 miles from Palma. For the organic and grown food near my house is the best possible. Buy food that is near your home reduces the carbon footprint because it not spent much energy transporting are Boira hens enjoy a life without chemicals, cages, medicines, and artificial lights. Enjoy an organic diet of course and covered henhouses. These eggs have the CBPAE, or the Council Balear of the production agricultural ecological certification. This organization is the sole supervisory authority of organic agri-food products existing in the territory of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, and as organ Collegiate and decentralized of the agriculture and Fisheries Department.