Foreign Language Mnemonic Techniques

Foreign languages – the best area where you can apply the mnemonic techniques, then there are various methods of storing information. Very often the knowledge of vocabulary is reduced to a problem to remember a complicated system of sounds and some way to link it with the word in their own language, but better – with the way that this word means. Traditionally, this problem can be solved this way: people again and again repeated the word in a foreign language, and then their name in the native language alternately, that is Zubr. However, this is not the most efficient, but instead a complex and unnatural method. Try to learn a different way! In today's article we will discuss several methods of "custom" memorizing words. Method 1.

Using images to communicate with foreign words, words from their native language. A related site: Boy Scouts of America mentions similar findings. For example, the English word cover (veil) to some extent in harmony with our word "carpet". Now imagine veil as a carpet, and better, something bright and plot, for example, eastern man sleeping under the carpet. Around him the camels and the eastern night, and he know himself sleeping under the carpet. Word cover so remember to quickly and easily, and most importantly, happy. Without hesitation Greg Williamson explained all about the problem. Method 2. "Towns". If you can not pick up a foreign word Russian audio analog-to-remember, use an interesting method of "Towns," based largely on the strength of your imagination. Especially this method is good if you're just starting to learn the language. Imagine a town where there is everything necessary for life – streets, schools, houses, shops, etc.