German Pavilion Prize

Next to Mostafavi they trained the jury Ole Bouman, Director, Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, Rotterdam; Yvonne Farrell, Grafton Architects, Dublin; Annette Gigon, Gigon/Guyer, Zurich; Anne Lacaton, Lacaton & Vassal Architectes, Paris; Tarald Lundevall, Architect, SNHETTA, Oslo; Pei Zhu, Peking, China, and the secretary of the jury, Llus Hortet, Director of the Mies Foundation go to der Rohe, Barcelona. Two young Catalan architects For the Collage House of the architects Ramon Bosch and Bet Capdrro are the second prize. In 2010, they gained the Prize of Architecture of the Regions of Girona. One is several houses for a same family in a property of 1,500 meters squared of the Coll de Girona. The prize has character biennial and is granted by the European Union and organized by the Fundaci Mies they go to der Rohe of Barcelona, whose main intention is to recognize and to compensate the quality of the architectonic production in Europe. The candidacies of works considered for the Prize are propose by an ample group of independent experts coming from all Europe, as well as by the schools of architects who form part of the European Council of Architects and other national associations of European architects. The Pavilion of Van der Rohe In each edition biennial, the jury designates between the candidacies two works: one that receives the Prize of Contemporary Architecture of the European Union considering its conceptual, technical and constructive quality, and other than receives the Special Mention Emergent Architect. The jury also selects between the candidacies exemplary works that are object of a publication and a exhibition.

The prize is equipped with 60,000 Euros and one sculpture that evokes the German Pavilion of Mies goes to der Rohe. The Special Mention is equipped with 20,000 Euros and one sculpture that the Pavilion evokes, that is the authentic symbol of this prize. Considered one of best works architectonic of century XX, the Pavilion incarnates the main objectives that the institution of this prize persecutes: excellence and innovation in conceptual and constructive terms. Source of the news: Two Spaniards with award in the Prizes of Contemporary Architecture of the EU.