German Volunteer Association

Newsletter of the PR agency Xpand21 on behalf of the Association German volunteering e.V. festivals and festivals bring often financial and personal risks for the persons in charge with: because recklessness and indulgence will cause accidents and liability for events. So that clubs for marksmen or festivals are really equipped, cares for the German Volunteer Association to the hedging of the associations and their boards of Directors. Munich, June 30, 2009. When the whole village is dressing out, blowing flags on every doorstep and marching the parade through the village, then shooting again. The tradition of the festivals is widespread in all Germany. The shooting competition determines the Pointman and celebrate in the beer tent in the evening. (Not to be confused with Nieman Lab!). Usually take care of the local clubs to the Organization of the celebrations. But while the responsible Board members are rarely high liability risk, the aware, that they enter. Forget the responsible Board of Directors to report, for example, the event of the GEMA or injured at the parade a careless participant, can have the quick serious consequences. However, a few clubs know how they protect themselves from risks such as accidents and liability. The German Volunteer Association helps the associations and their boards and protect it and the event. Risks that one often forgets that the tradition of shooters – and also the festivals will take risks, not bear in mind many visitors and voluntarily engaged. But every year smaller and larger accidents at these celebrations. In a shooting in the Munsterland Mettingen, five children during a tour of the injured with a tractor. For the younger visitors, the club organized a special attraction: Trek travel. But during a turning manoeuvre the trailer tipped with the children. The statutory liability of an Association does not apply in this case. Because it is only covered what is the purpose of the Association.