Global Heating Climate

In the article we will cites the geology a factor that proves what is happening on the ground and the Amazon is affected. We will try you seek the you cause and consequences of the changes and why, it aims you contribute you the debate. Even in the face of scientific uncertainty and climate of the past presented, we propose the sensible position you take actions that might reduce the possibility of anthropogenic climate effects, to rather than simply continues you emit greenhouse gases without restrictions and what you expect you happen. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Neal Barnard. WORDS KEY: Global heating, Amaznia, Biodiversity, Climate, Effect greenhouse, tropical Forest, climatic Changes, global Changes. Consideraes general on the Global Heating the global heating has been described as bigger threat to the humanity. In accordance with the Science- magazine (2008), the researchers ' ' ' ' It is the possibility of terms initiated slow, but a irrefrevel one, avalanche of mudanas' ' The skeptics question this declaration. In fact, many agree that the Land is being each hotter time, but are uncertain how much to the causes and the consequences. They say perhaps that the activities human beings are a factor, but not necessarily the main one.

Already if treating to Amaznia the influence of the man in the natural balance of the planet it reached magnitude without precedents. The antropognicas climatic changes are associates to the activities human beings with increase of the emission of effect gases greenhouse, forest fires, as deforestation, the Urban Pollution, etc. Since the decade of 1980, scientific evidences on the possibility of change of the climate in world-wide level come in general despertando increasing interests in the public and the scientific community. In 1988, Organizao Meteorolgica Mundial (OMM) and the Program of for the Environment (Pnuma) had United Nations established the Intergovernamental Panel on Climate Change Panel Intergovernamental de Climatic Mudanas (IPCC).