Good Planning Is Half The Battle!

Seminar wind farm planning and appraisal at the House of some technical and financial risks are good not to directly detect technology in Munich and work out only in the long term negative. However, with planned her already at this early stage. The successful development of wind farms involves not only least technical and legal criteria into consideration, but also extensively deals with the economics and appraisal from the perspective of operators, investors and third capitalists. The aim of the two-day seminar of wind farm planning and appraisal”is to identify risks, to evaluate and to minimize, if they aren’t mutually exclusive. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger often addresses the matter in his writings. Under the direction of Dr.

Ingo Ewald of the D.I.E.. renewable energy”, the participants in the principles and practice of the development of wind farm projects are introduced. The site search and examination of the necessary permits and contracts for the assessment of wind resources and infrastructure to the consideration of the legal and technical Framework conditions. The wind farm planning seminar and project appraisal”is on the 21st and 22nd July 2011 in Munich and is aimed at developers, employees of banks and investors, wind turbine manufacture and approval authorities.