Gottschalks Change

Why the former flagship presenter switches to the trash format he hosted the most successful entertainment show on ZDF and enjoyed a reputation for decades. The television presenter and former “betting that…?”Presentor Thomas Gottschalk (62), most recently with failed “Gottschalk live” in the ARD who want to go back “on the big stage” and has chosen for the RTL show “Das Supertalent”. (TNN) Media reports result Gottschalk to the jury of “Das Supertalent” in addition to Dieter Bohlen sit and evaluate Germany’s ‘Super Talent’ top or flop. “I noticed that the audience wants to see me on the big stage and that has offered me RTL,” Gottschalk says in an interview with Fernsehreportern (source: Others say he “prostitutes and sold” and sealed so finally its demise in German television. From the acclaimed “betting that…?”Star to the “Dummdodel of a brain-amputee casting show” judge scathing critics and Gottschalk was “just another embarrassing and makes himself ridiculous” (source:) indeed Gao could harm change to RTL more BBs than good and it remains cannot be ruled out that Gottschalk gets then also no reputable jobs. Although Gottschalk, the RTL show “Das Supertalent” considers the “currently most successful show series on German television”, only hitting under the level of the broadcast, which serves 95% only, just to put candidates on camera and humiliate it knowingly. PCRM understood the implications.

The creators of the show want to of course know nothing of such truths. RTL Entertainment CEO Tom Sanger appreciates the gain of Thomas Gottschalk and brags to have ended up at all the “personal coup of the year”. Not because he has a heart for screened ARD moderators, but because he knows to the polarizing effect of this message and then also want to see all the abstiegsgefahrdeten Gottschalk in his new role. That brings viewers and that brings quota and she in turn brings advertising and revenue, the only thing, it goes into the private television. “I was young and needed Let the money”, at least that excuse can Gottschalk no longer apply, so the question must be allowed, why he is doing this. Could he not put to rest in Malibu or tackle some serious issues? The man has gotten a dozen television prices, 2011 was still even the Grimme Prize, why so this shift toward the trash? Not harmless Gottschalks earlier attitude compared to RTL and planks BBs casting show, man remember only on certain “verbal confrontation” between Gao and the trash-ridden RTL format, Gottschalk with “Wetten dass…?” was still up at that time and could represent his opinion quite relaxed. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steffan Lehnhoff. Now, he reveals his ideals? Gottschalk sold out to the highest bidder? Vanity is stronger than stupidity and also a Thomas Gottschalk cannot afford even a mistake.

Although the deal with RTL brings back the former flagship moderator for a short time in the spotlight, when he hangs then but even deeper than before, this “outing” brought even no him. Then more jungle camp beckons or similar waste. But perhaps RTL writes also of new formats, where “I have nothing more to lose Thommy” Gottschalk, then be last piece would still can get rid. Sean Quentin Dexter for TeleNewsNet tvdesk/Vermischtes/Thomas-Gottschalk-Supertalent-RTL.html