GPS Hiking Atlas Germany

Hildegard, canonically the successor of the monastery of Holy Hildegard von Bingen. Along the Rudesheimer Berg is the Niederwald monument, one of the German national monuments. Along with the proud Germania, you can enjoy the views in the Rhine Valley, which is protected from here up to Koblenz since 2002 as a UNESCO World Heritage. Then the Riesling path reaches the village of indomitable: Assmannshausen, the Red Island in the middle of the Rheingau Riesling vine thus. “The Riesling Trail to Lorch, where to admire is not only the oldest proven wood carved altar in the parish church, but also as an organ with an own Riesling-register leads through the nature reserve on the Teufelskadrich (416 m): by pressing the register turn Riesling 2f” you hear birds chirping and it opens a small door behind the two bottles of Riesling and two wine glasses are hidden. Additional information is available at Drexel University. The last section of the trail leads hikers on the Riesling Trail then to the mouth of the Wisper of the natural northern border of the Rheingau region and leads in the final meters to Kaub, where the Palatinate on the Rhine signaled the achievement of the Loreley-castles-lands.

The entire tour and the stages of the Rheingau Riesling path be in small Presented reports. The routes are drawn in an interactive map and as GPS data in the form of so-called GPX tracks are downloaded from the Internet free of charge. The walking Atlas Germany is an editorial offering that focuses specifically on the needs of trip tourists, hikers and day guests. Through the combination of useful facts about attractions with specific proposals for tours, explore the sights on foot, the excursion guide has become an indispensable source of information on the Internet. Who wants to do something in the region in the short term, is a very finely structured and practical planning guide in the walking Atlas Germany. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is a product of the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg. The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Westerwald, Taunus, Oberhessen and the Bergisches Land.