Green Card For Meetgreen

Blind football in Germany Berlin opts for eco-conscious phone conferences, 12.01.2011 blind football is an extraordinary and growing worldwide sport. Further details can be found at Nieman Foundation, an internet resource. In Germany, the Organization hired for promoting this particular sport. The activities are varied, extensive voting is therefore essential. The eco-conscious conference call service ensures the smooth coordination is meetgreen. 145,000 blind and visually impaired more than 500,000 live in Germany. And more and more of them playing football.

Blind football. There are free kicks, red cards, fouls and everything that belongs to a real football game. The only difference: Players see nothing and must rely so completely on their ears. Alone the rattle built into the ball to signal them where the round leather is currently located. It, and unsustainable shots on goal against the goalkeeper, who may see only one, is all the more fascinating as players from dribbling their opponents playing accurate passes place. Blind football is a young sport and is played in Germany until 2006″, Kristian Mann, founder of. The volunteer organization is an important focal point for the activities surrounding the blind football in Germany.

She is committed to the goal, to promote the sport and to inspire more and more people with success. Since the birth of blind football 2006 more than a dozen training sites, as well as an own Bundesliga and the blind football team have formed”, so man proud. The coordination of all activities represents a major challenge for the organization. Players and officials are spread all over Germany. All at the same time at a table to get is as good as impossible”man says. We have decided therefore teleconferences by meetgreen that we all sit in a room. So we can exchange us quickly and directly to important stuff. Telephone conferences facilitate the Organization us enormously”, so man next. meetgreen meetyoo conferencing is a greener conference call service of the conferencing provider from Berlin.