The current reality of the public politics in special of the ambient politics, brings a new scene of performance aims at leading in them to a new challenge, where sectors of the society are co-responsible for the quality ambient partner. Desertificao, pollution, increase of the temperature. The effect of the indifference with the nature tend if to aggravate. When the subject is environment, the prognostics for the next decades is alarming. One is not only I exaggerate about it of the ambientalistas. At Professor of Internet Governance you will find additional information. The concern with the supported development gained space in the universities, governments and great companies. Finally it was perceived that it has a limit for the growth of the activities of the man in the Land, this dividing line is exactly the form of as the man comes interacting in the nature throughout the years.

It will have water for all. Food. Which will be the effect of the global overheating. Must be established more severe punishments for the countries that attack the environment? The questions if aggravate and the proposals are misty the truth are that nobody knows accurately what can happen, but if to cross the arms and to wait pra to see not to serar late others. Therefore already we coexist indiscriminate deforestations, pollution of the rivers and lands of areas of fens and undertows (given name low and humid the areas around the river Amazon), the industrial plants and the poverty of the majority of the population, are powerful enemies who put the natural resources at risk, as alone and water. This if confirms with the report of the Greenpece in the River + 10, where it denounces that in Brazil since problem of basic sanitation until the destination of the solid industrial residues, it has a production of 140 a thousand tons day, adds it this the disordered growth of the population, we have a bomb you give there to blow up.